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Covid pressures triggering mental health issues among health staff

Some are traumatised from seeing patients die before their time

Government must use the time schools are closed to make them safer

Everyone wants schools to reopen fully but they must be safe

COVID deaths show those with caring jobs are still at highest risk, says UNISON  

Christina McAnea says care and NHS staff paying ‘tragic price’ for doing their jobs

Ministers must wake up to the Covid threat in nurseries

New report paints a stark picture of the fear and anxiety

Government must help struggling councils urgently

Many are already on the brink financially

Ministers must deliver a long-term plan for the social care sector

The care system is fragmented, underfunded and understaffed

Pay rise immediately would reassure undervalued staff to stay in NHS

Government’s approach to NHS pay is forcing workers to question their future

Prime Minister urged to speed up NHS pay rise as public backs the move

A pay rise is vital if the NHS is to be ‘fighting fit’

Close up photo of person wearing surgical face ma

NHS staff covid cases underline urgency of vaccine rollout, says UNISON

Half of all staff absences are Covid related

Ministers must give proper support to student nurses, says UNISON

Removing fees and giving financial help vital for trainees

Christina McAnea is the new general secretary of UNISON

Assistant general secretary elected to top job

Christina McAnea elected to lead UNISON, the UK’s largest union

Christina replaces Dave Prentis after two decades

Thank NHS staff with proper pay rise, say health unions

Celebrities back call for wage increase

Education unions need answers from education secretary

Safety concerns for staff about increased pupil numbers

Close nurseries to all except vulnerable and key-worker children

Vaccine priority must be extended to nursery and school staff

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