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Water companies must be regulated better and policed to improve public health

A proper water strategy is needed urgently to prevent spills and improve water quality dramatically.

Government’s approach to care visas allows dodgy employers to exploit migrant staff

If ministers had even a basic grasp of the sector, they would have reformed it long ago.

NHS can’t provide quality care until staffing crisis resolved, says UNISON   

Low pay and burnout to blame for staff leaving NHS

Low-paid health workers shouldn’t have had to strike for one-off payment, says UNISON

Commenting on the government funding that will now allow thousands of health workers to receive the one-off payment given to NHS staff last year, UNISON head of health Helga Pile said:

Government neglect of care has led to low level of public satisfaction, says UNISON

Commenting on the findings from the British Social Attitudes Survey, published by the King’s Fund and the Nuffield Trust which show falling levels of public satisfaction with social care, UNISON head of social care Gavin Edwards said:

Getting pay right is key to turning around NHS fortunes, says UNISON

Workforce plan isn’t enough on its own to solve staffing crisis

Swift compensation needed now to right huge pension wrongs

Ombudsman recognition welcome but process has been too long

Pace of change must increase to drive out NHS discrimination

Funding and real change needed on racism and the removal of barriers for disabled workers

Care has gone into a tailspin under this government

Next government must make social care a priority

Violence in schools is no laughing matter

Education secretary is wrong to make light of aggression

Urgent action needed to avert school technician recruitment crisis

Low pay, heavy workloads and a lack of appreciation are why schools and colleges are struggling to attract technicians

Harassment, abuse and discrimination have no place in a 21st century NHS

Staff must be able to do their jobs free from attacks and abuse

Chancellor is living in a fantasy world

The NHS, councils, care and other public services need help and tax cuts won’t deliver it

Energy firm OVO must halt job cut plans and find another solution

Further cuts will damage services

Care sector couldn’t function without its migrant workforce, says UNISON

A national care service and a fair pay agreement for care staff are needed to reform the care service

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