Christina McAnea, arms folded, in front of conference stage - 'Fighting for our future'

LGBT+ rights are at the heart of UNISON’s work

UNISON members are negotiating more inclusive policies that protect and support trans, non-binary and gender diverse members in workplaces up and down the country

Christina McAnea, arms folded, in front of conference stage - 'Fighting for our future'

Blog: Don’t give away your power

It’s down to you to put the right people into positions of responsibility in our union. But hurry – voting closes soon

Blog: Honouring Stephen, Doreen and Neville Lawrence

This year, UNISON will be giving Doreen and Neville Lawrence honorary life membership as a mark of respect for their enormous contributions to fight racism across UK society

Christina McAnea, arms folded, in front of conference stage - 'Fighting for our future'

Blog: This is democracy in action

The NEC makes decisions on your behalf and, working collectively, they must put UNISON members’ interests first – please use your vote

Portrait of Christina McAnea

Blog: Launching UNISON’s campaign for a National Care Service

It’s time for change. Social care should become part of a nationally recognised institution, as respected as the NHS

Christina McAnea speaking at a rally at Belfast City Hall on the third day of UNISON strikes in the NHS in Northern Ireland

Blog: An electric atmosphere at Northern Ireland strikes

‘My message to essential workers in Northern Ireland is that UNISON is 100% behind them all, and that we’re in it for the long haul’

Blog: A significant step forward for pregnant workers and new parents

UNISON has been working with Dan Jarvis MP on a bill, which just passed its third reading, to provide additional protections in the workplace

Christina McAnea, smiling and have a cuppa =as she chats with members at Deptford

Blog: Government inaction just leads to more action

The pay crisis that our members are dealing with won’t go away if the government sticks to their current game-plan of ignoring workers and their unions

Christina McAnea on a picket line in Sheffield, with ambulance strikers, addressing the media

Blog: Why we must defend the right of working people to strike

The anti-strike bill is draconian and undemocratic, and will do nothing to fix the problems this government has caused

Portrait of Christina McAnea

Blog: Why won’t the chancellor resolve the NHS strike?

Jeremy Hunt knows knows what’s needed, so why isn’t he acting?

Portrait of Christina McAnea

Blog: Standing with our members at the Environment Agency

UNISON members working for the Environment Agency are striking this week after seeing their pay fall by 20% since 2010

Portrait of Christina McAnea

Blog: Ambulance workers will walk out on Wednesday – and I’ll be out on the picket with them

Our members’ livelihoods, and the future of our NHS, are always worth fighting for

Christina McAnea

Blog: We’re ready to talk on pay

As the prime minister promises to create “better-paid jobs”, UNISON is still waiting for him to talk to us about pay in the NHS

Portrait of Christina McAnea

Blog: A message to ambulance strikers on a difficult day

Brave NHS staff who cared for the country in the pandemic are now taking this difficult industrial action to draw attention to the deep crisis in the NHS

Portrait of Christina McAnea

Blog: Health workers in Northern Ireland need all our support

A pay award that’s below inflation is unthinkable, but no pay award at all is unforgivable