Ambulance workplace culture needs to change

Review recognises need for change to improve services

Portrait of Christina McAnea

Blog: Ambulance workers will walk out on Wednesday – and I’ll be out on the picket with them

Our members’ livelihoods, and the future of our NHS, are always worth fighting for

Glenn Carrington, leaning against an ambulance, talking to ITV health editor Emily Morgan

UNISON ambulance workers share heartbreaking stories of wait times

“The guilt you feel, the anger, the frustration. I can’t put it into words, it’s heartbreaking”


Newly qualified paramedics enjoy UNISON-won pay boost

Newly qualified paramedics won a pay increase after submitting a collective grievance

London ambulance staff lead humanitarian convoy to Ukraine

Paramedics are driving 1,000 miles to deliver 10 ambulances to Ukraine health workers and relief goods to refugees

Long ambulance delays causing distress for patients and staff

There are real fears that staff and services will be unable to cope as demand inevitably increases. 

Paramedic in the back of an ambulance

Blog: Call 999 – the terrifying crisis in the ambulance service

We need them when things are at their worst, but demand on paramedics has been increasing, recently hidden by the pandemic. How can our first responders be helped?

Welfare of ambulance staff at risk as services face ‘unsustainable’ demand     

Ambulance trusts must provide urgent support

One Team 2k

UNISON’s London Ambulance Service staff on why everyone working in the NHS deserves a £2k pay rise

Magazine, UNISON on film on the Magazine site.

Ambulance staff in Northern Ireland to receive backdated pay boost, says UNISON

Hundreds of workers will see pay bands lifted

Photo of Stella Quentin at work in an NHS11 call centre

‘Managers are bringing tea to us’: inside the 111 service during COVID-19

‘On Saturday, I got through 26 calls in six hours. And I think only three were non-coronavirus. Now it feels like a relief to get a non-COVID call.’

Ambulance delays down to nine-year NHS funding squeeze

Ambulances queuing outside A&E departments have become a common and distressing sight. It’s frustrating for crews who need to be on their way to the next emergency call and worrying for patients waiting to be seen.

West Midlands Ambulance Service wins back contract

Bringing the 111 and 999 services together should lead to “real improvements” for both patients and staff

Bus lane fines for ambulance crews must end, says UNISON

Drivers being hit with penalties for rushing patients to hospital

There must be no hiding place for bullies in the ambulance service

Unhappy, bullied and harassed ambulance employees are in no one’s interest