Intolerable call centre abuse

Conference hears that energy members should not have to face aggression and abuse at work

British Gas signs UNISON call centre charter

British Gas has become the first major company to sign up to UNISON’s call centre charter to ensure basic standards for staff

UNISON urges members to lobby their MPs over new ‘gagging law’

New law threatens to gag charities, NGOs, blogs, think-tanks, trade unions and other campaigning organisations by severely restricting how much money they can spend on political campaigning in the year running up to a general election

Pensions, profits and equalities dominate debate

Wide-ranging discussions at UNISON energy group conference in Liverpool reveal problems energy workers face

Ryanair style seat grab bad for workers

Hot desking treats workers like battery hens

UNISON will act against ‘Orwellian’ call-centre conditions

Call centre working, facility time and safety in the water industry dominated UNISON

Thousands mobilise for TUC demos across the UK

The marches in London, Glasgow and Belfast will send the government a strong message that people want a Future that Works