care worker with elderly people

Recognition for care is welcome but government needs to deliver on PPE, says UNISON

Raising status must be backed by better pay

Coronavirus germs

Last resort safety equipment plans are ‘desperate’, says UNISON

Staff must be properly equipped to prevent deaths

Boost to testing for care workers is welcome, says UNISON

Increase was needed much sooner

Close up photo of person wearing surgical face ma

End VAT for PPE to help combat ‘national emergency’ in care homes, says UNISON

Drop VAT duty to save care workers

surgical mask and rubber gloves

Government must up its game on PPE to protect health and care workers’ lives, demands UNISON

Continuing supplies are vital to preserve health of staff and those they look after

‘I’m so proud’. Dave Prentis on the first weeks of the COVID-19 crisis

‘We know it’s not business as usual. We’re doing the best that we can, because our members deserve our protection’ 

Thousands of public service workers contact UNISON with ‘harrowing’ PPE stories

Ministers need to get to grips with supply problems

Testing increase welcome, but government mustn’t overpromise, says UNISON

Staff want to be tested but ministers must be realistic about what is possible

Promises of protective equipment alone won’t keep people safe, says UNISON

All public sector workers facing a virus threat should have the kit they need

We must all abide by the lockdown rules, says UNISON

Staying at home will help health workers and all of us

Don’t push key workers and the vulnerable to the back of the queue, says UNISON

More must be done to ensure public service workers don’t miss out on food basics

A 'school' road sign against a wall

Schools move must help all parents in essential services

Government needs to work with unions to develop plan

Blog: I’m proud of our members in a national emergency

Once again our public service workers are on the frontline fighting to keep our communities and our country safe and well – fighting, against the odds, to keep services running

Coronavirus germs

Unions want to work with ministers at this time of crisis

Government must act to ease anxiety about livelihoods

Ward nurses at Manor Hospital, Walsall

UNISON cancels annual health conference

NHS needs put before annual gathering