Care home deaths expose social care system ‘unfit for purpose’, says UNISON

Christina McAnea says complete overhaul needed so no one is left unprotected again

Care home death rates show continued need for PPE and testing, says UNISON

Risk of infection must be reduced for care workers

Voluntary redeployment at a COVID testing centre: ‘I’m proud to be part of the NHS family’

UNISON’s One Team campaign celebrates the almost half a million people that make up the support workforce of the NHS. During the current pandemic, the role these staff play in the health service is just as vital

Voluntary redeployment at a COVID testing centre: ‘We’re all cogs in the wheel’

During the pandemic, the nearly 500,000 support staff of the NHS are as vital as ever

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Country craves clarity and a safe return to work, says UNISON

Government is making people bewildered, not reassured

Boost to testing for care workers is welcome, says UNISON

Increase was needed much sooner

Testing increase welcome, but government mustn’t overpromise, says UNISON

Staff want to be tested but ministers must be realistic about what is possible