Prentis urges Labour to commit to a ‘new deal’ for public services

UNISON’s general secretary calls today’s public service workers the ‘new giants’ of the labour movement

Only a Labour government can save the NHS, says UNISON  

Every NHS worker must be rewarded with an early pay rise of at least £2,000

Public services need a new normal, says UNISON general secretary

Public services must be rebuilt after years of cuts and neglect

Government must do all it can to defend jobs and stave off mass unemployment, says UNISON

NHS and care sector must be in best possible state

‘We need our union to be stronger than ever’ Dave Prentis tells NEC

General secretary says UNISON members won’t ‘carry the can’ for another economic crisis

Time to give a fair pay rise to all public service workers

Investment in staff and public services will boost the economy

Money for public services would mean a quicker recovery

Proper investment would power a return to a more prosperous time

Prime Minister should take responsibility and not blame others for care home failings

Poor government decision making at the heart of problems

Show your appreciation and thoughts for the NHS and key workers

UNISON joins /Together coalition to reconnect society

Investment must be bigger to protect and strengthen valued public services

Local councils will need financial support to oversee building projects

Ambulance staff in Northern Ireland to receive backdated pay boost, says UNISON

Hundreds of workers will see pay bands lifted

Close up photo of person wearing surgical face ma

Easing of lockdown must happen safely

Avoiding ​a second wave in the autumn ​is vital

UNISON calls on government to act on ‘systemic racism’

Statement from the union calls for action as COVID-19 highlights inequality

Government must act immediately on second PHE BAME report

Words and promises won’t cut it any longer

Deep inequalities in British society to be investigated

Equality and Human Rights Commission COVID-19 race probe announced