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Emergency dental treatment at A&E on the rise

Christina McAnea talks to BBC Radio 4 You and Yours about the rise in dental treatments at A&E   Starting point at 46mins in on the Community energy, discount supermarkets episode

NHS priorities should be decided by professionals not politicians

Suggesting that drugs should be rationed to those who add to the economy is an outrage and goes against the very founding principles of the NHS

UNISON condemns gagging order on low paid homecare staff

UNISON is calling on the Hampshire-based company to immediately withdraw a clause in its hurriedly put together media communications policy, which states that staff are not permitted to make comments about the organisation to the press without company authorisation

Environment Agency workers still face redundancies

Disgrace that once the waters recede many of these hard working, highly-skilled workers will become dispensable once more

UNISON chief issues votes warning to Government

Dave Prentis will issue a votes warning to Government: “It’s up to you, but keep on cutting jobs and services and you cut your chances at the next election.”

UNISON calling for free emergency accomodation for all women fleeing domestic abuse

Every woman should have a right to safety and justice -but women in work are being victimised because government cuts to legal aid have drastically reduced the number of people eligible for free legal advice

UNISON reacts to IFS report showing Osborne’s plan is not working

Osborne’s plan is clearly not working. There are still huge cuts to vital services which are bound to have a negative impact on the quantity and quality of the services delivered

UNISON slams Local Government Employers for denying pay offer

UNISON has slammed a decision by the Local Government Employers to deny a pay offer to 1.6 million local government and school support workers

Stuart Rose a thorny gift to NHS on Valentine’s day

Jeremy Hunt would be better turning his attention to engaging with staff, patients and their families on how to improve NHS services

Women caught in front line of Government NHS pay squeeze

Enough is enough – this pay cap must come off

The cost of government cuts on women

UNISON is launching a nationwide survey aimed at gauging the impact of the government

Probation plans ‘breach labour law’

Unison general secretary Dave Prentis said: “The ILO Forced Labour Convention is very clear that community payback orders must be supervised by the public sector, and the Government’s privatisation proposals will breach this. “In fact, the UK Government first breached the Convention over 12 months ago when they put Serco in charge of community payback […]

Austerity off the agenda at Barclays

A tax on bankers’ bonuses could be used to boost the numbers of nurses, teaching assistants, PCSOs, paramedics and care assistants making a difference to millions, not just an over-privileged few

Trade unions challenge coalition sell-off of Britain’s probation service

Dave Prentis, the UNISON general secretary, said the ILO forced labour convention was very clear that the community payback orders must be supervised by the public sector, and that the government’s privatisation proposals would breach this..

Government plans to privatise probation breach forced labour regulations

UNISON, NAPO and GMB Unions report UK to ILO for breach of Forced Labour Convention.

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