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Anger at coalition’s ‘complete contempt’ for NHS staff

The government has shown complete contempt for the NHS, contempt for staff and contempt for patients and will pay the price at the ballot box

UNISON Chief: Great shock at death of RMT leader Bob Crow

I am shocked and saddened to hear of the death of Bob Crow. UNISON members will want to send their sympathy to his family and friends

No pay premium for public service workers

The idea that public service workers enjoy a pay premium over the private sector is clearly dead in the water

‘Sandwich generation’ older women working longer dogged by low pay and poor career prospects

A large-scale survey of women working in both the public and private sector has revealed huge changes in the world of work for women over the age of 50

No ‘one fits all’ solution to working longer in NHS

It will take flexibility, co-operation and a lot of hard work to meet the challenge of staff working longer in the NHS

UNISON calls time out on hospital procurement

The George Eliot Hospital Trust (GEHT) is being steamrollered into private hands without patients and staff being given a proper say

Taking on powerful privateers like Care UK is no picnic – I wish the Doncaster strikers well

Jim Bell, Unison organiser, insists: “We have a great deal of support in the community for our members. “People can see the gross injustice of a company imposing massive pay cuts on people already suffering from low and frozen wages as the cost of living soars.”

Stafford Hospital: Health Secretary Hunt agrees to dissolve trust

Christina McAnea, head of health for Unison, said the decision was “bitterly disappointing” for the local community and staff. “The facts show patient care has improved massively,” she said. “If key services are to be transferred to neighbouring trusts, it is vital that they are given the financial resources needed to take on the extra […]

Government failing young people over careers advice

UNISON, the UK’s largest union today challenged the Government to eradicate the postcode lottery in careers guidance by giving schools the financial support they need to deliver a quality service.

UNISON pledges support for NHS Change Day

Make a pledge to make a difference, UNISON tells its NHS members

SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: Dial 999 today and you might get an ambulance crew with just six weeks’ training

..But patients then have to wait for an ambulance that can take them to hospital. And how long they have to wait once the clock has been ‘stopped’ by an ECA or solo paramedic can be seen from research by the Unison union in the South-West in 2005, when ECAs were piloted.

Response to domestic violence only effective if right support in place

Commenting on NICE’s latest call for greater awareness about domestic violence and abuse UNISON says the right support needs to be in place.

NHS staff survey – More lessons to be learnt

NHS staff do an amazingly tough job and it is shameful to learn that just 41% feel satisfied that their trust values their work.

Emergency dental treatment at A&E on the rise

Christina McAnea talks to BBC Radio 4 You and Yours about the rise in dental treatments at A&E   Starting point at 46mins in on the Community energy, discount supermarkets episode

Jobsmacked! Employment levels rise for 15th month in a row

Dave Prentis, general secretary of union Unison, said: “Too many people are in minimum-wage jobs, on zero-hours contracts and part-time work when they are desperate to go full-time.”

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