Delays to university pay talks are ‘unacceptable’ say unions

The UCEA’s decision not to present a pay offer ‘sends a message that employers don’t understand the urgency of the issue’

Workers on the picket line in Leeds, with placards that say 'Fair pay now' and '1.5% doesn't pay the rent'

HE workers prepare for further strikes over pay and pensions

University staff provide vital services, but they’ve seen the value of their pay plummet

A woman sitting at a dining table looking concerned

‘A kick in the teeth’

There were plenty of plaudits for key workers during the pandemic, but gratitude has not extended to members’ pay packets. And their financial worries are mounting

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UNISON campaigning for a living wage graphic

Public service workers aren’t fooled by this April’s pay rise

Workers across the public sector are losing billions as employers fail to pay a decent wage

University spending on agency staff soars to £200m

‘Casualisation is short sighted, bad for staff and bad for students’ says UNISON, as it reveals growing scale of the problem

UNISON to consider national employer’s final pay offer 2016/17 for higher education

Employers also offer further joint work on gender pay and casualisation

UNISON campaigning for a living wage graphic

Liverpool John Moores University agrees to pay living wage

John Moores joins ‘growing number’ of universities gaining accreditation as living wage employers

Higher education unions reject initial pay offer for 2016-17

Employers’ initial offer to higher education unions does not include the living wage

UNISON launches higher education pay campaign

Higher education conference backs call for 5% or £1,000 pay rise


University workers still not ‘all in it together’

UNISON condemns growing pay gap in higher education as new report shows that senior managers’ pay grew by 3% last year

FE pay ballot helpline opens

Find out if your college is being balloted for action – and phone 0800 0 857 857 if you have not got your ballot paper

Special UNISON summit plans to tackle pay freeze

Over 100 top union activists convened at a pay summit at the UNISON Centre in London today (Thursday) to map out a cross-union strategy for dealing with the ongoing public sector pay freeze

Further education members asked to reject 0% ‘pay offer’

UNISON laments ‘watershed moment’ for collective bargaining in FE

HE members vote to accept pay offer

UNISON’s higher education service group executive decides to accept employer’s pay offer, after 72% of members vote to back it

Higher education unions submit 2015-16 pay claim

Joint higher education unions’ pay claim for 2015-16 covers pay and pay-related equality matters