UNISON to consider national employer’s final pay offer 2016/17 for higher education

Employers also offer further joint work on gender pay and casualisation

University employers have made a final offer of 1.1% increase on all points from 1 August 2016, with additional payments at the lower end of the pay spine.

This offer includes the deletion of point 1 to be implemented by 1 April 2017, and an increase of 3.1% on point 2 with tapered higher increases through to 1.6% on point 7 from 1 August 2016 (see table below).

Final offer – pay spine points 1 to 15

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 14.27.49

The lowest pay spine point from April 2017 would be £8.25 per hour for employees on a 35-hour week.

On London Weighting, the offer is 1.1% for post-92 HEIs that retain a separate allowance.

The employers have offered further joint work on gender pay and casualisation.

UNISON’s HE service group executive will meet on 10 May 2016 to consider a response to the final offer.