Pay Negotiation and the decision-making process

This Conference reaffirms UNISON’s aim of working “To Improve the pay and conditions of members and promote their interests”, and recognises that our involvement in reaching agreements on behalf of members is legally empowered through individual contracts of employment. It is noted that contracts based on, or “mirroring” nationally determined pay and conditions, invariably refer […]

Regulation of Healthcare Assistants

We call on the Government as a matter of urgency to publish its consultation on an effective system of regulation for Healthcare Assistants, which recognises the essential contribution they make to patient care. This important issue is not being prioritised sufficiently by ministers. The lack of such proposals does nothing to ensure patient or client […]

Violence within Mental Health Settings

This conference deplores the use of violence, verbal threats and abuse against healthcare workers, recognising the detrimental effect these have on the abilty of staff to continue working in such environments, as well as the negative effect violence and aggression can have on service users. We acknowledge, however that some patients are unwell at the […]

Healthcare Assistants – An essential part of the Team

Conference congratulates and acknowledges the ground breaking work undertaken by the Nursing Sector and Service Group Executive to facilitate the first national conference of Healthcare Assistants. It is vital that UNISON as the largest trade union and the natural home for Healthcare Assistants continues to recognise and highlight the vital contribution that Healthcare Assistants make […]

Organising Nurses in UNISON

Conference recognises the excellent work being carried out by the Nursing Sector in regard to Nursing Students, Overseas Nurses and Health Care Assistants. However conference notes: 1.According to the union we have more qualified nurses in the union than nursing students or HCA’s, and qualified nurses make a massive contribution to the union through subscriptions, […]

Nurse Staffing Levels

Conference recognises that Health Service Trusts are experiencing difficulty in recruiting and retaining Registered Nurses and Auxiliary Staff and increasingly depend on Bank and Agency Nursing staff to provide cover. Furthermore Conference recognises that there is not an agreed National standard for nurse staffing levels with the exception of areas which require specialist practice. Conference […]

Agenda for Change

This Conference expresses its grave concern regarding the lack of information emanating from the Early Implementer Pilot Sites and UNISON’s consequent inability to monitor our areas of major concern, including:- ·Unsocial hours payments · ·Progression through “gateways” · ·Protection arrangements · ·Disadvantaged groups, e.g. those whose working hours will be increased · Conference therefore seeks […]

Ambulance Technicians

Most health professions have training and education programmes that lead to a single qualification and professional title. However, in the ambulance service the basic training for an emergency care practitioner qualifies you for the post of Ambulance Technician. To become a registered practitioner in emergency care and to use the title of Paramedic, authorized Technicians […]

Electronic Speed Traps – Effect on Emergency Vehicles

Conference notes with concern the effect on the ambulance service and other emergency services of the increasing use by local authorities of electronic speed traps. Such is the effect of these machines that ambulance services now employ scarce resources simply to deal with the administration of the paperwork generated when ambulances that are answering emergency […]

Health Professions Council

Conference notes with increasing concern the problems associated with the HPC processing applications for placement or renewal on its register. The high incidence of delays, apparent non-receipt or misplacement of applications and then inability to cope with resulting inquiries from occupational therapists as their registration/renewal date approached last November is of particular concern. Conference notes […]


This conference calls upon the SGE to use all avenues open to it to ensure that NHS trusts harmonise funding for training in the workplace between all professions and occupations in the NHS. This is essential if the NHS is to ensure suitably qualified staff will be available in the future in all occupational groups. […]

Foundation Hosptials and Women

This conference deplores the creation of Foundation Hospitals, and is particularly saddened this initiative has been introduced by a Labour Government. Almost 80% of NHS staff are women, mainly employed in low paid jobs. Foundation hospitals will be able to offer their own pay and conditions to their staff, creating a two-tier workforce in the […]

Agenda for Change – NHS Staff Council – a flawed system

Conference notes with concern that hundreds of thousands of members of UNISON would be hugely under represented on the proposed Agenda for Change NHS Staff Council. We note that: 1.The new Agenda for Change NHS Staff Council is currently in shadow form; 2.On this body UNISON members have just 7 out of a total 34 […]