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2004 Health Care Service Group Conference
22 December 2003

This conference calls upon the SGE to use all avenues open to it to ensure that NHS trusts harmonise funding for training in the workplace between all professions and occupations in the NHS.

This is essential if the NHS is to ensure suitably qualified staff will be available in the future in all occupational groups. This anomaly in the current funding arrangements that allows the largest proportion of development funding to go to a relatively small number of professional staff must be addressed as a matter of urgency if the Knowledge and Skills Framework is to be introduced.

Some Trusts actively support staff with their relevant course fees, but many do not and this inequality must be rectified.

Conference calls on the NHS to:

1.Work to quantify the financial impact of the increasing requirements for training;

2.To ensure training officers are available in all trusts;

3.Harmonise funding for training across all posts in the healthcare sector;

4.Where no formal training programmes exists, to create new courses and development programmes to ensure Continuous Professional Development for all staff.