Agenda for Change – NHS Staff Council – a flawed system

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2004 Health Care Service Group Conference
11 December 2003

Conference notes with concern that hundreds of thousands of members of UNISON would be hugely under represented on the proposed Agenda for Change NHS Staff Council.

We note that:

1.The new Agenda for Change NHS Staff Council is currently in shadow form;

2.On this body UNISON members have just 7 out of a total 34 seats;

3.UNISON balloted over 425,000 members on Agenda for Change proposals. The NHS has a million staff so UNISON is bigger than all other unions put together – yet we have less than a quarter of the seats;

4.The NHS Staff Council is stuffed full with small professional organisations which are hugely over represented. They will be able to support the interests of their members very effectively;

5.The NHS Staff Council will be charged with policing pay grades under “Agenda for Change”.

We believe this under representation of UNISON members fatally undermines the authority of the council.

Conference instructs the UNISON Health Service Group Executive and urges all branch leaderships to defend the interests of ALL our members – with or without the support of the NHS Staff Council.