Cut stress not jobs

“Cut  stress, not jobs.” That’s the message of new leaflets and stickers UNISON has produced as part of our health and safety campaigning.

Tens of thousands of public service jobs are being cut, leading the union’s head of health and safety Tracey Harding to say: “Each one of those is a tragedy for the person concerned – and those left behind are expected to keep vital public services running with fewer staff and less money.

“Something has to give. And all too often it is the health of UNISON members.”

The union is also asking members to fill in an online health and safety survey on how cuts are affecting health and safety at work, to tie in with European health and safety week later this month.

European health and safety week survey (external link)

The new stickers and leaflet  can be used alongside the union’s negotiating  guide on stress,  which “gives practical tips on branches can campaign and organise around to get employers to prevent, remove or control work-related stress,” says Ms Harding.

Order the leaflets, stickers and negotiating guide from our online catalogue, along with other health and safety campaigning and organising material.

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UNISON Knowledge: health and safety topics  (member-only content) 

UNISON health and safety advice and material (must be signed in)

Organising for health and safety - UNISON guide [PDF document]