‘Fight for equality: join UNISON’

UNISON’s autumn recruitment campaign is well underway, with activity taking place across the country.

In the Eastern region, organisers were out at Basildon Academy meeting non-teaching staff and asking them to join UNISON.

The south west’s Suzy Franklin had managed to recruit two new members and one new steward on her first day back at work – well done, Suzy.

But local organiser Janine from Bournemouth was speeding ahead on her 100th recruit.

A member from Cumbria University branch reported that “UNISON helped me win a tribunal for being unfairly dismissed, paid all legal fees including barrister” - another reason to join UNISON.

And Evelyn George decided to dedicate her 1,800th tweet to the cause: “My 1800th tweet should be important so: be active and fight against injustice and fight for equality: join UNISON.”