UNISON statement on the Labour Party

Monday 27 June 2016 Speaking today (Monday) UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said: “Last summer, our union nominated Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader, and a great number of our members voted for him in the Labour leadership contest. “Support for Jeremy remains the position of this union, as determined by our members through our democratic […]

The Tories are divided, but at this crucial time, Labour should not be

Support for Jeremy remains the position of this union as determined by our members through our democratic structures – our Labour Party members’ conference next week will be have an open and honest debate about the future of the party, and how Labour wins the coming election

New presidential team announced

UNISON’s new president is Eric Roberts, it was announced today. He is joined on the presidential team by Carol Sewell and the newest vice president, Margaret McKee

People campaign against TTIP

We may not be in Europe, but the threat of TTIP remains

UNISON will continue the fight to exclude public services from secret trade agreements

Activists feel stress of increasing workloads

UNISON to explore ways of supporting activists and reps in stressful situations

Conference agrees measures to support activists

Creative ideas for training, accreditation and mentoring all to the fore as delegates discuss helping reps

UNISON vows to support young members bullied at work

‘Everyone has the right to work in a safe environment free of bullying and harassment’, delegates told

UNISON statement on the EU referendum result

Over the coming weeks and months, all political leaders must think about how to address the issues that people in our communities care most about – falling incomes, insecure jobs, unaffordable housing and the huge challenges facing our public services after more than half a decade of cuts.

Union will fight government’s proposed ‘bill of rights’

Government plan to replace Human Rights Act is ‘the gravest threat to freedom in Britain since the Second World War’

Steph Davies Branch Sec Newport City, supporting motion

UNISON will promote ‘public interest test’ to combat outsourcing

Union remains committed to stopping the march of privatisation of public services

Don’t forget to vote today

I believe that we can have a better Britain inside Europe, but however you vote today, remember to exercise your democratic right and vote – because you can be sure that those who work to undermine public services will be making their voices heard today

Voices for Palestine won’t be silenced

Conference hears that the boycott and disvestment campaign is working well

Tania, Gravesham - @SotonUNISON

‘Refugee lives do matter’

National delegate conference agrees to continue working to combat myths around migration


PSI general secretary: ‘We must stop the race to the bottom’

Rosa Pavanelli tells delegates that “we must take democracy very seriously,” as she outlines global threat by multinational corporations


Tide is turning against government’s austerity programme, says UNISON

The public willingness to accept cuts to public services is ‘exhausted’