Calais Convoy – Practical, immediate steps to help those in need today

Please do give whatever support you can. Because in different circumstances it could be any of us – any of our families – stood far from home and unable to go back


Union backs 18 June convoy in solidarity with refugees

Union calls on members to take part in or donate goods to convoy travelling to refugee camp in Calais


UNISON’s legal team wins prestigious employment law award

UNISON’s legal team has won the inaugural Solicitors Journal award for employment team of the year, against stiff competition


Fire and rescue reforms a risk to public and staff, says UNISON

Union hits out at plans for England contained in government’s police and crime bill


Higher education members to be consulted on ‘meagre’ pay offer

Service group executive recommends industrial action after employer fails to improve on 1.1% for most staff

Belfast honours nurses

Freedom of the city accepted by UNISON delegation – on behalf of the whole health care family


UNISON members urge MPs to save the NHS bursary

Cutting financial ‘lifeline’ to student nurses will leave them thousands of pounds in debt

If the NHS bursary goes, it will put the future of our health service at risk

At a time when our NHS faces a nursing shortage (due in part to mismanagement and attacks on the profession), the government should be pulling out all of the stops to attract more people into careers in the health service.


Plans to scrap student bursaries may cost the NHS more not less, says new report

The huge drop in the number of NHS students, if the NHS bursary is scrapped, will mean even fewer qualified new recruits for the NHS from 2020 – causing trusts to spend more on agency staff or overseas recruitment to make up the inevitable shortfall in numbers.

Voters in Wales should treat the Brexiters new-found faith in the NHS with extreme caution

The leave campaign’s loudest cheerleaders ­ Boris Johnson and Michael Gove ­ don’t even support a publicly-funded NHS. In the past they’ve backed introducing charges for patients and opening up more of the health service to private firms who will put profit ahead of patient care.

Farewell to an old friend

One of the great difficulties of a life in a trade union is losing special people when they pass away


Are we making a difference for equality in your workplace?

Can you spare five minutes to help UNISON win equality in the workplace?

The Brexit campaign is peddling utter nonsense on the NHS

In recent weeks, those who want us to leave Europe – the Tory headbangers, UKIP and friends – have been claiming that the NHS will get more money if we leave the EU. That’s utter nonsense. These are often the same politicians whose government has strangled the NHS of funds over the past six years, […]


Brexit brigade don’t have the NHS’s best interests at heart, says UNISON

Commenting on Michael Gove’s comments about the NHS, UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said: “No-one should be taken in by this latest bout of NHS scaremongering from the Brexit brigade. “Nurses, health visitors, midwives and other health workers who have come to work in the NHS from across the EU have thrown a lifeline to […]


NHS deficit damaging services to patients, says UNISON

Commenting on new figures showing a deficit of £2.45bn in NHS finances, UNISON head of health Christina McAnea said: “This is yet another set of damaging figures that show the NHS is under unprecedented financial pressure. “Patients are suffering as already scarce resources dwindle further still. Targets for A&E admissions, waiting times, and cancer diagnosis […]