UNISON response to Manchester Arena atrocity

Responding to the terror attack at Manchester Arena, UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said: “This was a despicable act designed to cause maximum pain and suffering. It’s barbaric beyond words that this happened at a concert attended by so many children and young people. “Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected including the […]

Solidarity with Manchester – hatred will never triumph

We pay tribute to the staff who worked throughout the night to save lives, to those who rushed into work when they heard news of the attack and to those who will continue to put Manchester back together in the days and weeks ahead. We could not be prouder to have y as part of our union.

UNISON sign at the union's centre in London

NEC 2017-2019: election results

Members will take office at the end of national delegate conference until the end of the 2019 NDC

UNISON statement on certification officer decision

Certification Officer publishes decision on complaints around the 2015 ballot for general secretary

Blog: Register to vote – and stand up for public services

The future of our public services are at stake, and with them, the jobs, pay and lives of all UNISON members. If you’re reading this then those are things you care about. So register to vote – and stand up for public services.

Blog: A Labour government is not only possible, it’s vital for our public services

It’s absolutely imperative we see a Labour victory on 8 June. Nurses, teaching assistants, social care workers and everyone who relies upon our public services deserve nothing less.

Detail of poster advertising school uniform grants

Worried about the costs of sending children to school?

As we move into summer, the new school year starts to loom, and with it, worries over the cost of new school uniforms – but UNISON can help. If you’re a member and need help with the costs of new school uniforms, you can apply for a grant from our welfare arm There for You […]

Blog: Our social care system is in crisis and the Conservative Party just doesn’t have the answers

Their proposals threaten a further demolition of the welfare state, which will leave all but the very poorest forced to cough up for their care.

Public sector recruitment hovers on the brink of crisis, warns UNISON

A new report from the Institute for Financial Studies’ (IFS) released today (Friday) on plans for public sector pay highlights problems keeping experienced and skilled staff. The report – which compares plans from Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives – highlights the emerging pressure of recruitment in public services as a result of the […]

cover of the booklet A Dangerous Occupation

Marking 50 years of a dangerous occupation

UNISON/PSC exhibition and book offers union branches a resource for this year’s 50th anniversary of the Palestinian occupation

one team logo

One Team week of action to celebrate the NHS’s unsung workers

Without support staff, ‘our NHS simply wouldn’t work’

UNISON comment on Conservative social care plans

Commenting on the social care announcement that is part of the wider Conservative manifesto launch, UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said: “Today’s social care announcement reveals what Theresa May’s Britain would be like. It threatens a further demolition of the welfare state, which would leave all but the very poorest forced to cough up for […]

Pay talks start today for English further education workers

Unions meet Association of Colleges for discussions over claim for ‘inflation plus 3%’ pay claim from September

UNISON on Labour’s manifesto

Commenting on the publication of the Labour Party’s 2017 manifesto today (Tuesday), UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said: “Labour has produced a manifesto that delivers for public services. Ending the pay cap will make a huge difference for hard-pressed public sector employees. Proper investment in the NHS and social care will have a huge impact […]

Blog: Ambulance workers are a special breed

Branches like these show how right we are to be proud of our union, and what UNISON activists are capable of, even in these difficult times.