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Farewell to conference

Neil Marsden may have retired after two different careers in the police force, but he has every intention of remaining active with UNISON

‘£350m for the NHS’ swayed disabled voters in EU referendum

Research by the Papworth Trust reveals that NHS claim swayed disabled voters ‘who didn’t know how many of their protections were form the EU’

‘Ill-informed’ response to disability inquiry highlighted

Guest speaker to disabled members’ conference explains the work of a House of Lords committee looking at the Equality Act

Employers failing to offer reasonable adjustments

Some managers don’t understand reasonable adjustments, but others are using disability as an excuse to get rid of staff, say delegates

‘I’ll only be a minute’ – disabled members discuss transport

Experiences range from disabled parking spaces being blocked to being denied access to a bus because drivers won’t insist buggies are folded up

Vice president tells conference of the challenges ahead

Political challenges lie ahead from a government still wedded to ‘failed austerity’ policies, vice president warns disabled members’ conference

Disabled members’ conference backs action against bullying

Brighton conference opens with delegates debating a raft of motions that reveal how members face bullying and harassment in many guises

Retired members sought for UNISON self-organised group conferences

National retired members’ organisation asks for submissions from members wanting to attend disabled members’, LGBT members’, Black members and women’s conferences as delegates in October, November, January and February