Thousands sign petition to protect Vale of Glamorgan libraries

A petition containing thousands of signatures calling for library services to be protected will be handed over to the Vale of Glamorgan council

Vale of Glamorgan council slated over library announcement

UNISON has criticised the Vale of Glamorgan council for publishing misleading information about the future of the authority’s library services

Cardiff rallies to save its libraries

People from across Cardiff came together on National Libraries Day to stage a ‘read-in’ to oppose cuts to Cardiff library services

Celebrate your local library on National Libraries Day

‘Express your love of libraries’ and stand behind library staff this Saturday, on National Libraries Day

UNISON highlights double whammy effect of austerity and local government reorganisation in Wales

UNISON Cymru/Wales calls for a blueprint for local government across Wales as a matter of urgency in order to guard against double whammy effect of austerity and reorganisation

Treating rubbish should not mean rubbish treatment

Survey of Scottish waste management staff shows aworkforce under pressure, tackling increasing targets and declining budgets

Wales’ only rainforest faces the chop

A petition has been launched to defend Plantasia, Wales’ only rainforest, against plans for closure

‘We must do more to protect public services’

Austerity means Scotland’s public services are living through a lost decade, UNISON warns Scottish Parliament

UNISON anger at Cardiff council’s savage budget proposals

UNISON has accused Cardiff council of having a credibility deficit as well as a budget deficit in response to the council’s savage budget proposals

UNISON oppose Merthyr council plans to cut staff terms and conditions

UNISON is strongly opposed Merthyr county council plans to dismiss and re-engage the council workforce on inferior terms and conditions

UNISON responds to Welsh local government budget announcement

UNISON Cymru/Wales voices serious concerns over the future of local services as it responds to the Welsh local government budget announcement

Labour needs to support the millions who are its ‘betrayed base’

‘This coalition boasts that the economy is growing by over 3%, but claims there is no money for our members – where is the money going?’

UNISON calls for outsourcing inquiry after new research

Research from the Smith Institute shows that low-paid workers bear the brunt of contracting-out as their pay and conditions get worse

Scotland votes against independence

People in Scotland have made it clear they want more, not less, investment in public services

Birmingham Council job cuts will result in ‘closure of services’

UNISON reacts angrily to the announcement that a further 6,000 jobs will be cut at Birmingham City Council over the next four years