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How you can support the campaign for a decent, fair pay rise for all our key workers in councils and schools

Local government pay – UNISON statement

Union will continue to campaign for more funding for the pay of key workers in local government and schools in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Fair pay rise for council staff would be affordable, says UNISON

Headline cost is halved by economic benefits


Unions reject ‘disappointing’ council pay offer

Initial 2% offer from employers falls far short

Members travel to Downing Street to demand living wage

Birmingham unions and council join forces to demand funding for 10% pay rise and £10 an hour minimum

UNISON balloon and flag on the 23 October Glasgow equal pay march

Scotland’s local government members reject pay offer

Consultative ballot sees 79% vote against 3% offer and 67% vote in in favour of moving to industrial action

Delegates pledge to build a campaign on pay

Local government conference welcomes early lodging of pay claim and calls range of actions to support it

Local government workers consulted over pay

Members in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have their say on claim, while Scottish council workers vote on action over employers’ offer

Half of Welsh councils to pay school support staff registration

UNISON urges remaining Welsh councils to follow suit and back their school support staff

female UNISON members smiling

Local government pay consultation begins (England, Wales, NI)

Council and school workers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland asked to have their say on pay offer

Local government pay offer consultation to begin in January

UNISON local government members in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to be consulted in new year on employer’s final offer

female UNISON members smiling

Local government members to be consulted on pay offer

Employers offer two-year deal of 1% each year, with more for lower paid staff to match national living wage

Scottish council workers vote for two-year pay deal

Ballot sees 88% of local government members in Scotland vote for 1.5% rise for 2015 and1% in 2016