Local government pay – UNISON statement

Union will continue to campaign for more funding for the pay of key workers in local government and schools in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

UNISON will continue to campaign for more funds for local government, allowing employers to improve their final pay offer for council and school staff in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Although employers have said that their offer of a 2.75% increase is final, they have also said that they will approach the government for more money for local government pay for 2020-21.

Pay outside Scotland is negotiated through the national joint council for local government services, and the union says it is not in a position to consult members on the offer until the government’s response is known.

UNISON NJC committee statement on pay negotiations

“UNISON’s NJC committee, which oversees the NJC pay negotiations and campaign on behalf of our local government and schools members for England, Cymru/Wales and Northern Ireland, met on Friday to consider the local government employers’ pay offer of 2.75%, an increase of one day on the minimum level of annual leave, and future discussions on stress and the minimum wage.

“The committee was clear that, while the employers have said this is their final offer, key matters remain unresolved. As part of their offer, the employers said they would approach central government for more money for local government pay 2020-21.

“The unions have asked for more detail on what the employers plan to ask for, and that this is on a joint employer-union basis.

“Until we know central government’s response to the approach, we are not yet in a position to consult our members for their views on the pay offer.

“We are writing to the Local Government Association, the Welsh Local Government Association and the Northern Ireland Local Government Association, who are responsible for making the approach to government for more money, making our position clear.

“Until we know what extra money will be available, we have not exhausted the negotiation process.

“As key workers, local government and school staff are in the forefront of the battle against COVID-19. So they deserve proper recognition and reward. UNISON will  continue to campaign hard for these workers and we urge the government to provide increased funding to allow local government to give all workers a decent pay rise.”

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