Young Black workers and the cost of living crisis

Conference notes that the cost of living in the UK has surged to crisis levels, with increasing energy prices, food prices and housing costs, against a background of wages which over the past decade have not kept pace with inflation. Conference further notes the specific impact of the cost of living crisis on Black workers. […]

The impact of the cost-of-living rise on Black low paid workers

The current cost-of-living crisis affects everyone especially given the huge rise in energy prices, but there is evidence that the impact will be disproportionately felt by those who are already struggling to make ends meet and particularly Black members who are over-represented in low wage jobs and often with limited career progression. Research conducted with […]

Eliminating racism in Scottish sport

“25th July 2022, Scottish Cricket was found to have caused systemic discrimination and racism over many years, in a report by Plan4Sport called Changing The Boundaries. They found the governance and leadership practices of Cricket Scotland to be institutionally racist. It confirms 448 examples that demonstrated institutional racism. Reoccurring themes were mapped against 31 indicators […]

Cost of living impact on mental illness in Black workers

This Conference notes that Black communities continue to experience complex factors that significantly and adversely affect their mental health. The recent cost of living crisis is impacting significantly on Black members across the country. Black communities are already more likely to experience distressing events that affect them adversely due to racism, discrimination and inequity affecting […]

Securing the legacy of the Year of Disabled Workers – an intersectional approach

Conference notes that 2022 was UNISON’s very successful Year of Disabled Workers. UNISON takes an intersectional approach to fighting for disability equality in the workplace and many of our Black disabled members have taken key roles in delivering some of the work undertaken in 2022, from leading webinars and events to agreeing new guidance and […]

Black workers and non-apparent impairments

Conference notes that many employers still refuse to accept a worker is disabled and entitled to reasonable adjustments unless their impairment is obvious. However many impairments are not immediately apparent. Black people disproportionately experience impairments such as lupus, diabetes and sickle cell and thalassemia which are impairments that aren’t always obvious to other people. Some […]

Oppose the Nationality and Borders Act 2022

This Conference notes: 1)· The Nationality and Borders Act (NABA) become law on 28 June 2022; 2)· The government’s continuing plans for offshore detention in Rwanda, and the Care4Calais and PCS union legal challenge that contributed to the halting of the first planned flight taking detained refugees to Rwanda; 3)That the case was is currently […]

Solidarity with the people of Yemen and Yemeni trade unions

National Black Members Conference notes that the war in Yemen is in its eighth year and continues to lead to an ongoing humanitarian disaster. We further note evidence of attacks upon trade unionists in Yemen. We believe that UNISON and other UK trade unions should respond to the crisis in Yemen with the same urgency […]

Equality is UNISON business

Conference notes that one of UNISON’s main aims is, as per UNISON’s Rule Book, “to seek to ensure equality of treatment and fair representation for all members and to work for the elimination of discrimination on grounds of race, gender, sexuality, gender identity, disability, age or creed”. To achieve this, UNISON seeks for branches to […]

Opposing anti-refugee Tory policy

No one puts themselves or their families at the dangerous risk of crossing waters on a dinghy or pay criminals to seek escape to a safer haven if they are not desperate. The right for refugees to escape war and persecution and seek safety elsewhere is set out in the Refugee Convention of 1951, which […]

Call me by my name

Conference, it seems incomprehensible that currently, Black workers would be suffering the indignity of having their names changed in the workplace to make it easier to pronounce and are often westernised in the process. Names represent deep personal, cultural, familial, and historical connections. Our name gives us a sense of who we are, the communities […]

Black members feeling undervalued and like they don’t belong

Conference notes that to impose the changes needed to achieve promises of racial justice, equity and inclusion, organisations require all hands-on deck. Black workers continue to demand action against racial injustice and movement toward more equitable workplaces – ones where all employees belong, regardless of their racial or ethnic identities. To build a culture of […]

Detention of refugees, asylum seekers and others without their status in the UK

Conference condemns the continued political and physical attacks on refugees, asylum seekers and others without their status in the UK many of whom are UNISON Black Members. Conference accepts that many people, even with the right to work, are often in precarious situations due to their immigration status. Conference notes indefinite immigration detention in the […]

Building participation of Black members within branches

UNISON is a growing union, and we seek to recruit members from all backgrounds across thousands of workplaces, despite this many branches have found it difficult to recruit and engage with members from Black communities there are barriers both external and within UNISON that also impact on black participation. Some of the barriers include: 1)Black […]

Cost of living crisis and Black workers

Conference notes that everything is going up fast – 12% now but forecasts of upwards to 22%. However, the pay of many UNISON members has been effectively frozen for almost 12 years. We can’t make ends meet! We have a cost-of-living crisis because of the decisions made by political leaders and their friends running big […]