Human Rights are LGBT Rights: Human Rights abuses in Burma

Conference is appalled, despite a majority of 13:2, China actively refused to back agreement for a non-binding Presidential statement condemning continued widespread human rights violations inflicted on the peoples of Burma by the military junta, at last Tuesday’s (13 November) United Nations (UN) Security Council. Forced labour, torture, ill treatment, sexual violence and child labour […]

Banning Incitement to Homo, Bi and Transphobic Hatred

Conference welcomes the Government’s recent announcement (8 October 2007) that it plans to ban incitement to homophobic hatred in the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill. However, conference notes that this announcement has met a mixed response, both from those who oppose virtually all moves towards LGBT equality but also from some who seek to be […]

Persecution of LGBT People

Conference recognises that homophobia continues in the UK. Despite many welcome changes in Legislation, acts of hatred and persecution towards LGBT people continues to poison our society. This was tragically illustrated in April 2007 when James Kerr, an employee of Perth and Kinross Council, was the victim of a horrific homophobic attack in his local […]

Combating the Threat from the Far Right in Europe

Conference notes with increasing concern: 1.the continued threat posed by the BNP and other parties of the far right in Britain and in other EU countries; 2.evidence of the link between success at local level of far right/fascist parties and an increase in racist, xenophobic, homophobic attacks; 3.the explicitly anti-LGBT nature of these groupings in […]

Media Attacks on Police Community Support Officer (PCSO)

This Conference notes with extreme concern: ·On 7 October the Sunday Express published the names and photographs of the two Greater Manchester Police PCSOs who were on duty at the time of the tragic drowning of a young boy. ·Despite the statement issued by Great Manchester Police supporting the PCSOs conduct, and the Coroner’s verdict, […]

Recent publicity on Police Community Support Officer (PCSO)

The last few weeks have once again seen adverse publicity surrounding the role of PCSOs. The way that the media portray PCSOs is nothing short of appalling. This inaccurate reporting is once again fuelled by the Police Federation. Again it appears that the truth is not allowed to get in the way of a story. […]


The Government included in the 2006 budget the introduction of free local bus travel for pensioners and disabled persons in April 2006 and free nationwide bus travel in April 2008. The implementation of the free local bus travel in April 2006 has not been consistent. Local schemes have been implemented but with many anomalies and […]

Police Staff Pay Claim 2007

Conference notes with concern the failure of the employers’ side of the Police Staff Council (PSC) to engage in further talks with the trade union side. The meeting of the 5th October 2007 was cancelled stating “a need to consider pay movements elsewhere in the public sector”. The pay award was due on 1st September […]

Volunteer Police Community Support Officer (PCSO)

The interim Flanagan report makes recommendations for the introduction of volunteer PCSO. Conference is committed to the principle that jobs and tasks within the police service be undertaken by paid employees and where this is not possible, volunteers do not substitute or undertake the work of paid employees. The recommendation to introduce volunteer PCSO is […]

LGBT Migrant Workers

Comp B – LGBT Migrant Workers In the last few years Britain has seen a rise in migration from Eastern European countries. Many of these migrants face problems in this country including lack of awareness and denial of housing, benefits and employment rights such as the minimum wage, working time legislation, paid holidays, or protection […]

Homophobic Abuse and Bullying in Schools

Homophobia, biphobia, sexism, gender stereotyping and transphobiais rife in schools and statistics bear witness to this. A recent Stonewall Survey found that: 1.65% of lesbian and gay school pupils have been bullied because of their sexuality; 2.Half of teachers ignore homophobic language when they hear it; 3.30% of pupils say that adults are responsible for […]

Human Tissue and Embryo (Draft) Bill

Conference notes that the United Kingdom (UK) Government is proposing to introduce legislation that will establish a Regulatory Authority for the use of Tissue and Embryos. This proposed development is of major concern to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community but in particular the black and disabled LGBT community as it will affect […]

Black and Disabled Members Network Days

As Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people are not a uniform group, and because our community is as prone to racism and discrimination against disabled people as the rest of society, black and disabled members meet as distinctive groups within our self-organised group. The national committee arranges annual meetings for black and disabled LGBT […]

Human Rights Based Approaches to Promoting Equality for LGBT People

Conference recognises the value of human rights in promoting dignity, equality and protection for all people, especially those who may be vulnerable to abuse of their human rights. Conference also acknowledges the work carried out by the British Institute of Human Rights and the Department of Health in this area and in particular notes the […]

Making LGBT Equality a Reality

Conference notes that UNISON is founded on the principle of equality – this can only become reality where everyone takes responsibility for combating discrimination and promoting equality. Conference believes that while UNISON has made significant progress towards the inclusion of its diverse membership in its structures, organising, negotiations and campaigning, full lesbian, gay, bisexual and […]