Recent publicity on Police Community Support Officer (PCSO)

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2007 Police Staff Service Group Conference
10 October 2007

The last few weeks have once again seen adverse publicity surrounding the role of PCSOs. The way that the media portray PCSOs is nothing short of appalling. This inaccurate reporting is once again fuelled by the Police Federation.

Again it appears that the truth is not allowed to get in the way of a story. Each time articles are reported in this way it is not only having a demoralising affect on our members, it is also putting them at risk from the public.

It is well known that the Federation are not in favour of PCSOs, but that does not excuse the unprofessional way that they provide comments to the press.

To say that PCSOs are a failed exercise and should be scrapped is beyond belief. In making statements such as this they are playing into the hands of the media, who seem to enjoy dragging our members down.

The continued references to ‘Plastic Policemen’, ‘Hobby Bobbies’ and ‘Policing on the cheap’ from Police Officers who we call colleagues, are outrageous.

The inference that PCSOs have no powers and are poorly trained is unacceptable.

Conference calls upon the Service Group executive to:

1Write to the Police Federation expressing our concerns and requesting that they refrain from continuing to express their views on PCSOs in the press, in the manner that they have been doing.

2Devise and mount a media campaign in conjunction with the National PCSO working group in order to promote the benefits of PCSOs and raise their profile.

3Engage in discussions with the employers’ side of the PSC, the Home Office and ACPO with a view to seek support and possible partnership in a media campaign.