Please touch my hair – caring for black women pati

Conference notes that the pandemic emphasised the lack of appropriate personal care for Black women patients and service users especially in the area of hair care across health and social care system. This is an ongoing issue which started before the pandemic and has continued after the pandemic. Family members would usually bring in hair […]

Young Members: building on the legacy of the Year of Black workers

Conference notes that 2023 was designated UNISON’s year of Black workers, with the aim of ‘establishing legacy to generate change’. Conference welcomes all the work that has been put into marking the year of Black workers, but notes that there is still a long way to go, particularly in regards to young Black members in […]

Harassment: it’s not part of the job

Conference notes the TUC Anti-Racism Taskforce’s 2022 report into racism at work, which found that 41% of all Black workers surveyed had experienced racist behaviour at work. Many Black workers had experienced bullying, harassment and worse – and concerningly, the vast majority did not report this to their employer. In 2021, Business in the Community’s […]

The Importance of Leadership Training for Black Workers

Conference notes Black employees only hold 1.5 per cent of management and leadership positions in the UK. This is according to the Business in the Community (BITC) report, ‘Race at the Top’ which found that only 54,900 of the 3.9 million managers, directors and senior officials in the UK’s private and public sectors are Black. […]

Ensuring more Equitable Talent Management in our NHS workplaces

Conference is clear about the impact of HR processes can have in fairness and equality at work. One example is talent management strategies, which are often designed and implemented in a manner that can lead to a significant disparity in opportunities for Black employees across sectors. The Chartered Institute of People Development (CIPD) defines Talent […]

Securing the legacy of the Year of Black Workers in 2024 and beyond

Conference following the success of UNISON’s Year of Black Workers 2023 (YOBW23), the NBMC wish to place on record our thanks to all of our activists who have driven this success throughout our union. Throughout the year we saw a renewed and focussed approach to challenging racism in the workplace and the experiences of Black […]

Make 2024 the Year Of LGBT+ workers

Conference is pleased with the decision at National Delegate Conference (NDC) to make 2024 the Year of LGBT+ workers. This follows on from 2021, the Year of Young Workers, 2022 the Year of Disabled Workers and 2023 the Year of Black Workers. Conference, it is appropriate that in celebrating this victory at the National Delegates […]

Young Black members and mental health

The National Health Service (NHS) reported that 3.25 million individuals had contact with mental health services during 2021/22 which is approximately 5.8 percent of the population. The Mental Health Foundation tells us that 50% of mental health problems are established by age 14 and 75% by age 24, yet many young people have not had […]

Raising awareness of neurodiversity and Black disabled workers

Conference notes that many employers still know little about neurodiversity and autism, and Black disabled workers who are neurodivergent often struggle to have their needs met in the workplace. This replicates the situation in society as a whole. For example, young Black boys are often written off as disruptive in school, based on stereotypes and […]


Conference notes that despite the significant numbers of Black workers in the frontline workforce, we are disproportionately underrepresented in managerial and senior levels and tend to be concentrated in the lower levels. We know this is a product of institutional racism, which means Black workers are often overlooked for development opportunities and promotion. Black workers […]

Organising Black Members within Social Workers

UNISON is the union for Social Workers, we are best placed to organise and support members in this area. Black members make up a large proportion of this worker group and this motion seeks to build on the excellent work of Year of Black Worker and looks to grow our membership amongst Black social workers, […]

>When will inequality end (The Motherhood Pay Penalty)

> The intersection of sexism and racism mean that often women of colour experience compounded disadvantage. A new report from the Fawcett Society supported by the #EthnicityPayGap Campaign, shows how the ‘Motherhood Pay Penalty’ means that mothers with two children take home 26% less income than women without children which impacts across the earning power […]

Supporting Black members experiencing racism

Despite our continued efforts as union to tackle racism in public service workplaces, continued reports from the Police, Probation, NHS and others demonstrate that significant changes before equality will ever materialise. Conference condemns the slow pace of change and the exclusion of Black workers from discussions about what reforms are necessary. Although an immediate change […]

Fight against microaggressions

Undertone racial tensions in the UK are so commonplace that it seems as if it is deeply rooted in our society and worst of all has the expectance of endurance to those on the receiving end. In August 2022, TUC highlighted that within the working sector microaggressions come in the form of insecure work which […]

MOTION 3: Creating TUC Regional Black Activists Committees

Black Activists from the East and West Midlands became a formal committee at its first AGM in April 2023, previously it was an informal virtual network with an ad hoc meeting structure, we are called the TUC Midlands Black Activists Committee. There are Black activists from across all the affiliated TUC trade unions in the […]