Retired Members Conference

This conference supports the good work of the Retired members National committee in organising the National Retired Members conference. We note that over the last few years it was not possible to debate many submitted motions due to time constraints. This conference requests the NEC to work with the National Retired Members committee to investigate […]

Ageism in a Covid Age

This Retired Members’ Conference recognises that ageism exists, and that ageism is a bias from one age group towards another. It includes the use of stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination against people based on their age. Evidence shows ageism is widespread in society and can be found everywhere from our workplaces and health systems to the […]

Disappointed if you fail, doomed if you don’t try

The past year, particularly for pensioners, has been incredibly difficult. In its report entitled ‘As if expendable’, Amnesty International claims that during the first three months of the pandemic, thousands of pensioners died due to government incompetence. Free TV licences were withdrawn for most of those of 75 plus years, the triple lock protection on […]

Retired members and technology

It is becoming increasingly apparent that some Unison retired members in Branches and Regions are experiencing difficulties in communicating with colleagues as they are not computer literate or able to afford computers. Therefore, this Unison National Retired Members Conference instructs the National Retired Members Committee and calls on the National Executive Council to: 1)be aware […]


Conference notes that many pensioners live in poverty and have a precarious existence. Many pensioners did not have access to an occupational pension and many remain unaware that they can claim pension credit to increase their income. The UK state pension is one of the lowest in the developed world. Women are particularly affected by […]


Conference will recall that prior to the covid crisis there had been a series of attacks on older people’s entitlements and standards of living including: 1)The Taxpayers’ Alliance’s report, Pensions Inequality, issued in August 2018 calling for an end to defined benefit pensions for public service workers; the Taxpayers’ Alliance has since called for the […]


THE IMPACT OF SERVICES MOVING ONLINE ON OLDER/ELDERLY PEOPLE Conference notes the inexorable drift towards services and activities being online which has been markedly accelerated during the covid pandemic and its impact on the older demographic. New analysis from Age UK shows that the pandemic has not in fact produced a sea change in older […]

Robust Green Skills Training for employees in the Energy Sector

Conference notes addressing the climate change challenge requires a fundamental restructuring of the energy supply sector, moving away from the world�s fossil fuel-based system to one that relies on clean, renewable sources. The transition to a greener economy requires new skills. Skills needed for the newly emerging jobs, and skills needed for the adjusted existing […]

Deficiencies in the protection of operational staff in the water sector from exposure to COVID-19

This conference notes that the health, safety and wellbeing of workers providing services in the Water, Environment and Transport Sectors � as well as in the other more prominent sectors such as Health – has been paramount to UNISON during the COVID-19 pandemic, and will continue to be into the future. The Water Industry Sector […]

Burned Out: Young Workers and Mentally Healthy Workplaces

Conference recognises that the pandemic has taken a toll on mental health across the board. Fear and anxiety, created by uncertainty about the disease and how it is transmitted, is understandable and unavoidable, but confusing and misleading government guidance has worsened the situation. For frontline staff, particularly staff in health and social care, the experience […]

The Impact of Covid 19 on UNISON Members, Public Services and Working Life

Conference notes the immense contribution that UNISON members across the UK have made – ensuring that the most vulnerable were cared for and making sure that our communities continued to function throughout the dark days of the pandemic. Conference places on the record its profound thanks for their bravery and sacrifice during this period and […]

Securing an Equal and Sustainable Post Pandemic Settlement

Conference notes that at the end of the second world war the entire labour and trade union movement and the majority of society more widely coalesced around calls for a new social and economic settlement. This was based on the creation of the NHS, the welfare state and full employment policies that would address the […]

Learning the lessons from the pandemic for safer workplaces (Theme 1)

Everyone should have the right and expectation to a safe and healthy working environment. Unfortunately, in too many workplaces throughout this pandemic this has not been the case � either because of conditions and lack of appropriate equipment in physical workplaces or because of the need to work at home without a proper workstation and/or […]

The Future of Local Government

Local councils across the UK have suffered huge funding cuts over the last decade. We have seen significant changes to the funding mechanism for local government, the functions councils carry out and thanks to devolution the actual make-up of local government. Throughout this time UNISON has sought to stop these cuts and highlighted the resulting […]

Local Government and Climate Breakdown

Conference recognises that: 1)The impacts of the climate emergency are already evident and have profoundly altered human and natural systems; 2)In the UK, we are witnessing more frequent and extreme weather events. In 2019, our communities experienced flooding and also summer heatwaves that resulted in nearly 900 excess deaths. There were more UK wildfires in […]