Conference expresses its deep concern that the leader of Burma’s democracy movement, Nobel Prize winner Aung Sun Suu Kyi, has now spent more than nine years under house arrest. Confernce notes that there are currently serious questions about her personal secruity; observes that, despite Burma’s military dictatorship announcing several initiatives to move towards democracy, prospects […]

Council of Europe draft Convention on action against trafficking in human beings

Conference welcomes the Council of Europe’s initiative to draft a Convention on action against Trafficking in Human Beings, as this will be the first international treaty, which sets out states’ obligations to respect and protect the rights of trafficked people. Conferences strongly urges the national union to support the measures in the Convention to provide […]

Racism in Schools and Career Progression – negative impact on social and community cohesion and Black Community prosperity

Last year there was an excellent motion from Yorkshire & Humberside region (Motion 13) which when amended provided a clear strategy for challenging race in employment. What we need however is to challenge more effectively using a range of strands to an overall strategy of exposing racism within schools from Early Years to Higher Educational […]

Black Members and the Workforce Remodelling Agenda

A real opportunity is with us to radically change how we as black workers are valued in the public sector. Workforce remodelling is being pursued in all areas of the services that we provide but how are the rights and professional development needs of black workers being considered? Many black members in UNISON are still […]

Black members recruitment, particpation and organisation

We all know that we need to increase black member recruitment, retention and development into activists, but we are hindered by the quality and accuracy of data that the branches, regions and employer provide to the regional and branch black member sog structures. Therefore Conference calls upon the NBMC to work with the NEC to […]

Addressing thh low number of black disabled people in employment

Conference notes the increasingly low number of Black disabled people in employment. Recent statistics have highlighted that Black and Minority Ethnic staff make up a large proportion of low paid staff. It is well-known that disabled people are disadvantaged in the work place and that Black disabled workers are suffering a double disadvantage. Recent studies […]

Agenda for Change

With Agenda for Change (AFC) now being implemented there are major problems in delivering it throughout the health service. Many employees have had wage deductions and will receive worse terms and conditions. It is well known that Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) staff make up a large proportion of low paid workers and have already […]

Private Sector Transfers and the Race Relations (Amendment) Act

More public services are being transferred out of the public sector and as a result members are now finding themselves based in the private sector where the lack of statutory duty under the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 with private sector employers results in less protection against race discrimination in the workplace. Conference notes the […]

Black People Behind Bars

Black People Behind Bars This conference notes that between June 1998 and June 1999 there was an overall reduction of some two percent of the prison population of England and Wales. Yet over the same period there was a small percentage increase in the number of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) prisoners. This highlights a […]

Defending asylum seekers, organising migrant workers

Conference welcomes the government’s recognition that migrant workers are an essential part of the UK economy and that Britain must continue to provide a safe haven for people fleeing persecution and violence. Conference does, however, note that the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Bill, currently going through Parliament, is the sixth piece of such legislation in […]