Council of Europe draft Convention on action against trafficking in human beings

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2006 National Black Members' Conference
21 September 2005

Conference welcomes the Council of Europe’s initiative to draft a Convention on action against Trafficking in Human Beings, as this will be the first international treaty, which sets out states’ obligations to respect and protect the rights of trafficked people.

Conferences strongly urges the national union to support the measures in the Convention to provide trafficked people with advice, emergency medical and material assistance and a reflection period sufficient to allow them to recover and make an informed decision about their future, including cooperation with prosecution efforts; is extremely concerned by proposals which would give EU legislation precedence over the Convention, and that would allow states to make reservations to the Convention, and that seek to limit the mandate of the treaty monitoring body preventing necessary activities such as country visits.

Conference calls on the NBMC to work in partnership with the NAPF and UNISON Link MPs to urge the UK Government strenuously to resist these proposals and others which would weaken the assistance and protection provisions of the Convention and go against it stated aim of developing an international standard which improves on the protection currently afforded to trafficked people.