Conference welcomes the findings of the House of Lords in the Fairchild case making it easier for the victims of occupational asbestos related diseases to obtain compensation. Nonetheless, Conference notes with concern that this does little to address the situation of families, especially women, who have contracted industrial diseases as the result of industrial contamination […]

Persecution on Grounds of Gender, Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

Conference deplores the: 1)Widespread persecution of women on grounds of gender, gender identity and sexual orientation. 2)Criminalisation and official mistreatment of lesbian, bisexual and transgender (lbt) women in many countries. 3)United Kingdom Government’s failure to take this up with these countries. 4)Restrictive definitions of ‘family’ under immigration and asylum law. 5)Demonising and stigmatising of immigrants […]

Listening to Women

Conference deplores the growing evidence of widespread islamaphobia in the UK and elsewhere. Conference notes that part of this distorted world view is the portrayal of Muslim women as passive victims. This narrow stereotype denies the diversity of Muslim women and ignores the long tradition of Muslim women’s organisation. Conference welcomes the example of the […]


Endometriosis is a condition in which tissue similar to the womb lining (endometrium) is found outside the uterus. It is estimated that 10% of women of childbearing age have endometriosis, irrespective of age or race. Nobody knows how it is caused, but for those who suffer from the condition symptoms can include: 1)Pelvic pain; 2)Painful […]

Tax on Sanitary Protection

These days menstruation can start from as early as 11 years and last well until the mid-fifties. For most women menstruation is natural and is the process which we must endure in order to keep humanity alive ensuring civilisation continues. Yet the question has to be asked “If it is the fundamental role of women […]

Working Families Tax Credit

This Conference welcomes government measures to increase the incomes of working families. This Conference also welcomes the National Guide produced in conjunction with the Daycare Trust, the national childcare charity for UNISON members to find out about the Working Families Tax Credit scheme. This Conference calls upon the National Women’s Committee to develop easy to […]

Breast Cancer and the Contraceptive Pill

The Pill has made it possible for women to decide when and how many children they will give birth to – something which has revolutionised women’s lives and is an important issue in women’s rights. Taking the Contraceptive Pill at any stage in a woman’s life increases the chance of breast cancer according to new […]

Resourcing and Facilitating Women Activisits

Conference is pleased to see that women still comprise two thirds of the membership of UNISON and that women continue to be recruited into the union in ever increasing numbers. Conference is concerned that every support should be given to women to allow them to take an active role within the union as stewards and […]

Equality in the Judicial System

The Yorkshire and Humberside Regional Women’s Committee is very concerned at the continuing disparity in the sentencing passed on men who murder their partners and women who kill their partners in the process of defending themselves against sustained domestic violence/abuse. This continuing discriminatory practice and misunderstanding of the effect that long term domestic violence has […]

Information on Hormone Replacement Therapy

There has been a lot of publicity recently concerning the safety of hormone replacement therapy. This will have caused great concern to many women who use hormone replacement therapy and general confusion about the benefits/dangers of the long term use. This Conference instructs the National Women’s Committee to produce a publication covering hormone replacement therapy […]

Married Women’s Stamp

Conference notes that women employees relying on the state pension earned during employment to provide a reasonable standard of living in retirement, often find at the time of retirement, that they will not receive their anticipated pension. We believe this is a pension scandal to rival that of Equitable Life or the Maxwell affair. 1. […]

Proportionality and Fair Representation

This Conference notes the findings of the 2002 UNISON survey of UNISON representatives which concludes: 1)The typical UNISON steward is 47 years old, male, working full time and has been a steward for nine years. 2)55% of stewards are men compared to 33% of members who are men. 3)7% of stewards work part time compared […]

Maternity, Paternity and Flexible Working

This Conference welcomes the Government’s new legislation to improve the rights of working parents from April 2003 in particular: 1)The increase in basic maternity leave from 18 weeks to 26 weeks. 2)The increase in Statutory Maternity Pay from £75 to £100. 3)The introduction of paid paternity leave. 4)The introduction of statutory paid adoption leave. 5)The […]

Health and Work of Older Women

Twelve million women in the United Kingdom are aged 45 or over and the number is increasing. Many of these women spend longer in paid employment, making an important contribution to the economy and public services. Unfortunately, little interest has been taken in the impact this has had on this neglected group’s physical, emotional and […]

Women Taking Action for a Healthier Planet

Women need to take action for a healthier planet. It is now being recognised that there is evidence of a link between health and the environment. Women and children are the first to feel the effects of environmental degradation. Women must be empowered to take action about issues that affect and concern them. Conference instructs […]