This Conference welcomes the unanimous adoption by TUC Congress 2003 of a motion that condemned “the intensifying and hostile attempts by the United States to undermine the self-determination and economic position of Cuba” Conference recognises that threats against Cuba are continuing, and that senior US politicians continue to call on President Bush to take military […]


The 2002 Employment Act gave lifelong Learning Advisers and Union Learning Representatives the same statutory rights as Stewards and Health and Safety Representatives. During the same year, UNISON rolled out a Union Learning Fund project aimed at developing UNISON’s capacity to organise around learning via a network of well trained and supported learning advisers and […]


Conference notes with grave concern that in July 2000, Kent County Council banned the publishing, purchasing or distributing of material which “promote gay lifestyles” in its 600 schools, in anticipation of the repeal of Section 28 in England and Wales. It is unfortunate that since the repeal of Section 28 in England and Wales late […]


Conference welcomes how many branch and regional lesbian and gay groups devoted resources in the run-up to the June 10th elections to campaigning against the British National Party (BNP) and other fascist candidates. Conference notes the invaluable role of Searchlight providing research, training and publicity for this campaign and the role of Trades Union Congress […]


Many of us have fought for years for equality in all areas. We have had some successes, including some excellent employment laws. However, as many lesbians and gay men are aware, these laws can sometimes be used against us and when they are there is very little in the way of information and support. Take […]

Participation of Visitors in Workshops

Visitors to the Conference are seated separately and are unable to vote, but they learn a lot about procedures which will be helpful in future if they become delegates. There does not seem however to be any reason why they should not attend the workshops which may also help them in the future and they […]

Pensioner Poverty Trap

Conference calls upon the National Executive Council to take appropriate steps to ensure that the government addresses the issue of the erosion of pensioners’ increases by the high annual increase to such charges as council tax and public utilities. Conference also notes that UNISON has established a council tax working group to establish clear UNISON […]

Small Print Font Size

Important information is frequently presented in ways difficult to read as the type size may be too small and there may be insufficient colour contrast between the print and the paper. The computer seems to have made this problem more common. Examples can be found in newspapers, cooking instructions, information to do with financial matters […]

Local Government Pension Scheme

Conference is alarmed at the threat to the Local Government Pension Scheme posed by the government’s plans to introduce amended regulations. Conference sees this as part of a wider move to undermine pensions in general. Conference calls on the National Retired Members’ Committee and all retired members’ sections to support the TUC’s Pay Up For […]

Qualifying Dates for Additional Payments

Conference expresses its concern that additional payments for items such as the winter fuel allowance are subject to the recipient attaining the specified age by a certain date. It feels that this means a number of pensioners do not become entitled to the payment until the following year. Conference therefore calls upon the National Retired […]

Driving and Prescription Drugs

Following a survey undertaken by Aston University and commissioned by the Department of Transport earlier this year, it was found that many elderly drivers were driving under the influence of drugs, in the form of strong medications issued legitimately, and prescribed by doctors who were not aware that the patient was intending to or in […]

Occupational Pension Schemes

Conference is opposed to recent proposals to limit the right of individuals to take early retirement from the age of 50 onwards. Conference considers that this is part of an ongoing exercise by the employers and the government to make people work longer and, by implication, have less time in which to enjoy their pensions. […]

Transport and the Senior Citizen

Conference notes that millions of senior citizens depend upon public transport in their daily lives. Conference considers that more resources should be made available for both bus and rail travel. Conference reaffirms that a national road and rail pass for pensioners aged 60 and over should be introduced as part of a national transport policy. […]

Nationally Run Travel Scheme

Conference calls on the National Retired Members’ Committee and the National Executive Council to lobby the government to introduce a nationally run travel scheme for all people over 60 years of age. Free travel passes are already in existence in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Liverpool, London and other areas. However the minority of the country […]

Concessionary Fares

Conference is conscious that pensioners in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and some areas of England currently enjoy schemes which allow them free use of public transport. It is also aware that there are schemes where reduced rates are available subject to local authority boundary limitations. This appears to be a post code lottery and […]