Concessionary Fares

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2004 Retired Members' Conference
16 June 2004

Conference is conscious that pensioners in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and some areas of England currently enjoy schemes which allow them free use of public transport.

It is also aware that there are schemes where reduced rates are available subject to local authority boundary limitations.

This appears to be a post code lottery and Conference calls upon the National retired Members’ Committee and the National Executive Council to lobby the government to provide:

1)a nationwide travel scheme that enables pensioners and disabled people to travel on buses, coaches, ferries, trams and metro trains free of charge;

2)alternative free travel such as dial-a-ride, community buses and taxi cab system in areas where bus and train services are limited;

3)legislation which should be enforced to ensure bus and train operators improve the design of their vehicles and buildings to make them safe and accessible for pensioners and disabled people;

4)for the frequency and accessibility of public transport services for pensioners and disabled people to and from local hospitals to be improved and publicised;

5)for timetables and other travel information to be available in a format that is easily accessible, particularly to those with visual impairments.