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2004 Retired Members' Conference
21 June 2004

Important information is frequently presented in ways difficult to read as the type size may be too small and there may be insufficient colour contrast between the print and the paper. The computer seems to have made this problem more common.

Examples can be found in newspapers, cooking instructions, information to do with financial matters and at its worse in instructions on medicines.

Type size and contrast between the colour of the background and of the ink must not be a barrier to understanding the contents.

Easy readability requires reasonable size type and reasonable colour contrast between ink and paper. The problem is especially acute for anyone suffering from poor sight and eyesight of nearly everyone deteriorates with age.

Conference requests the National Retired Members’ Committee to ask the National Executive Council to approach appropriate organisations such as government departments, the Consumer Association, Age Concern, UNISON Publicity Department and the Royal National Institute for the Blind to deal with this aspect of presenting important information to ensure that the print size used is adequate and there is a real contrast between the colour of ink and paper.