Defending UNISON Members’ Pension Schemes

Conference recognises that just as negotiations on the national and Scottish Local Government Pensions Scheme (LGPS) draw to a close, and after NHS Colleagues have settled on their pension scheme, our pensions are again under attack. Comments from Tory politicians like, “pensions apartheid” and “gilt edged” and Liberal Democrat statements that our pensions are “unsustainable […]

Mileage Allowances

Conference recognises that many public service employers have now moved their staff on to the Approved Mileage Allowance (AMAP). This is a payment of 40p a mile for staff who use their own car for work. In some employers a buy out has been negotiated but in others it has been imposed. Many employers, particularly […]

Independent Safeguarding Authority

Conference notes that The Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) is a new public body which is being created with the intention of preventing unsuitable people from working with children and vulnerable adults. From October 2009, individuals working with vulnerable adults or children will be required to register with the ISA. This will affect over 11 million […]


Conference welcomes the figures on membership growth in 2008. This growth reflects continuing regional and branch commitment to organising and recruitment. Conference congratulates those branches that have engaged in successful organising campaigns and notes that organising must remain central to the work of UNISON. Conference believes that strong trade union membership is even more important […]


Conference is aware of the anxiety suffered when a relative or loved one is caught up in an emergency situation particularly the elderly. Anything that can be done to reduce the anxiety and to aid more effective communications has got to be a good thing. In July 2007 Vodafone Netherlands started a national awareness campaign […]

Beyond PFI – The next Scam

Conference notes that UNISON’s predictions on the consequences of using PFI as a means of public procurement have now become reality. The PFI model is busted beyond repair. The only way it can be fixed is by untenable massive injections of public money and a further increase in debt in the public balance sheet. However […]

Home, Residential and home Care

Everywhere publicly provided care essential for older people in our society is under attack. UNISON has already demonstrated the extent to which the mass transfers to the private and voluntary sectors have taken place. We have also demonstrated subsequent reductions in the quality of care. In a society with an ageing population with increased social […]

Learning and Organising – Meeting the Organising Challenge

Conference acknowledges the vital importance of investing in the training and development of our members and existing and future lay leaders at local, regional and national level as part of meeting the organising challenge. In particular, Conference applauds the introduction of the leadership development programme at national level. However, conference recognises that a consistent union-wide […]

Rights of public service workers to organise and collective bargaining

The International Trade Union Confederations’s (ITUC) annual survey of the violation of trade union rights for 2007 documented details of workers’ rights violations in 138 countries. Serious and systematic harassment and intimidation was reported in 63 countries. Seventy-three unionists were sent to prison in 2007, including 40 in Iran alone, where systematic suppression of workers […]

Improving UNISON Structures

Conference notes the ongoing progress to make UNISON structures fit for purpose and to ensure that all of our members regardless of where they work have an equally strong voice in their union. Conference agrees that devolution, the ongoing public service reform and outsourcing agenda continue to change the bargaining landscape for many of our […]

Funding the Equal Pay Challenge

Conference continues to believe that a principle priority for UNISON is combating pay inequalities and securing equal pay for work of equal value for all our members, in properly evaluated and negotiated framework agreements. Conference notes that establishing equal pay for our members was one of the founding principles of the union. Conference recognises that […]


Rule C 5 Delete existing rule C.5.2 and replace with: “Rule C.5.2 Providing that the applicant is eligible for membership within these Rules and has not previously been expelled or barred from membership of the union, or has previously ceased to be a member whilst a disciplinary charge against her/him was outstanding, she/he shall become […]


Rule D 3.1.1 Delete “Water and Environment” and “Transport”, and insert “Water, Environment and Transport”


Rule D 3.1.1 Add to list of service groups before “Energy”, “Community” Delete Rule D. and D3.7.4 and renumber accordingly


Rule D 3.1.1 Delete “Police Staff” and insert “Police and Justice”