Beyond PFI – The next Scam

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2009 National Delegate Conference
24 February 2009

Conference notes that UNISON’s predictions on the consequences of using PFI as a means of public procurement have now become reality. The PFI model is busted beyond repair. The only way it can be fixed is by untenable massive injections of public money and a further increase in debt in the public balance sheet. However the UK Government will not admit to the fact. It still clings to PFI and is also open to variations on the theme.

Those who profited from PFI at the expense of our members and the services they deliver are now looking for the next scam with public money. They are urging the public sector to ‘realise the value’ of assets such as public buildings. The proposal is to transfer all such assets to a so-called ‘ethical charitable trust’ so they can be removed from the balance sheet. As night follows day, members will also be transferred, and the workforce split.

NHS LIFT was only the start. Conference therefore calls on the National Executive Council to prepare the advance campaign to stop this dangerous proposal before it gets off the ground and to co-ordinate it across the jurisdiction of central and devolved governments.