Integrated Care Systems

This conference notes that the Government’s new Health and Care Act has introduced Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) into 42 areas of England, which became fully operational in July 2022. Under the Health and Care Act, the former Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) have been absorbed into the ICSs – specifically into their Boards (ICBs). Each ICB […]

Social Care

SOCIAL CARE Conference notes that from April 2022 National Insurance contributions have risen by 1.5% supposedly to help meet the cost of the NHS and also to provide additional funding for Social Care. Conference further notes that money is unlikely to be available for Social Care in the first instance. Prime Minister Johnson has always […]

Retired Members’ representation on the National Executive Council

Retired Members’ representation on the National Executive Council Conference notes that, although retired members account for approximately 10% of UNISON membership, the only opportunity they have to vote for positions outside of the Retired Members’ Organisation is in the election of the General Secretary. Conference notes there is currently no provision in the UNISON Rulebook […]

Amendments to SO 10.1

Amendments to SO 10.1 Delete the whole of the first sentence and replace with: “If, at the end of the Conference the business of conference has not been concluded, all outstanding motions and amendments shall stand referred to the National Retired Members’ Committee. The National Retired Members’ Committee in turn shall report back to the […]

Older People Shouldn’t Have to Choose Whether to Heat or Eat

Conference notes that the cost of living crisis is having a severe impact on our older population. Conference agrees that making difficult decisions whether to heat or eat is not what our older population should be doing in a life of retirement, after paying their taxes all their working life. Conference notes that, at the […]

Rule D – Structure of the union at national level

Conference wishes the following to be considered for one of the two motions and/or amendments to Rule to be submitted by the Retired Members’ Organisation to National Delegate Conference 2023 in accordance with Rule D.1.10.4.: Rule D – Structure of the union at national level In Rule D.2 – National Executive Council In D,2.1, insert […]

We may be gone, but don’t let us be forgotten – U magazine, Lack of coverage of Retired Member Issues

Conference notes with disappointment the general lack of recognition for retired members and their issues in the national U magazine. Conference calls on the National Retired Members Committee to make representation within the wider union organisation to secure an improvement in this sorry situation.

New Amendment – 12

Add a new standing order as follows: Add a new standing order as follows: 12. AMENDMENT OF STANDING ORDERS 12.1 These standing orders may be amended by a resolution passed at a retired members’ conference by a two-thirds majority of those delegates voting in favour or, in the case of a card vote, at least […]

Campaign Communication

World War Two, the Coronavirus pandemic plus years of Conservative Government has had a devastating effect on Unison retired members. We receive one of the worst state pensions in Europe even though the UK is one of the richest countries in the world. When we reach the age of 80 we get an extra 25 […]

Public Transpot

Public Transport Many retired members rely on public transport for their day to day living, such as hospital and doctors appointments, shopping, visiting relatives and friends, attending social groups that may help with isolation and loneliness. However, recently retired members have seen a cut in bus services and less frequent services. This can mean they […]

Now is the time – A Commissioner for Older People in England.

Conference is only too aware having a UNISON steward to advocate in the workplace during difficult times for our members can mean all the difference in the world for outcomes in disciplinaries, grievances and potential dismissals. Having a Commissioner to advocate for Older People has the very same potential to make substantial changes which can […]

More consistent support for Retired Members’ activity

This Conference acknowledges the substantial financial and other support given by the union for UNISON retired members activity, e.g. Retired Members’ Conference, and its other democratic structures and activities, providing staff resources, etc. This Conference recognises, however, that the level of support is not consistent across all branches and regions, and that this can lead […]

Retired Members at Self-Organised Group Conferences – Six Years On

Conference recalls the resolution of the 2016 Retired Members’ Conference, motion 35 as amended, “Retired Members at Self-Organised Group Conferences” which instructed the National Retired Members’ Committee (NRMC) to: “seek the views of retired women members, retired Black members, retired disabled members and retired lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender members and, subject to gaining their […]


Conference recalls the resolution of last year’s retired members conference, Ageism in a Covid Age (Motion 13 as amended.) The resolution called upon the Retired Members National Committee (RMNC) to work with the National Executive Council (NEC), Self-Organised Groups (SOGs), Young Members Organisation (YMO) and others to try to ensure that ageism is given priority […]


SCORES ON THE DOORS Conference notes that at the conclusion of each National Retired Members’ Conference there is a ballot of suitable motions from which the two with the highest votes are chosen to be submitted to next year’s National Delegate Conference by the National Retired Members’ Organisation. However, Conference notes that only the two […]