Campaign Communication

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2022 National Retired Members Conference
28 June 2022
Carried as Amended

World War Two, the Coronavirus pandemic plus years of Conservative Government has had a devastating effect on Unison retired members. We receive one of the worst state pensions in Europe even though the UK is one of the richest countries in the world. When we reach the age of 80 we get an extra 25 PENCE per week! Social care for retired members has still not been organised after years of promises by this Government. Unison retired members died from Coronavirus after being sent back to care homes without being tested, but many had contracted the virus and then passed it on to others

So many issues to campaign on – why aren’t retired members of such a massive union as Unison being seen as major campaigners? Even if the Unison National Retired Members Committee instigates a campaign, retired members in Branches are not being told about it. For example, Unison South East Region Retired Members Committee’s Constitution states that two newsletters must be produced each year – how many have they produced since 2016 – NONE! The South East Region Retired Members Committee representative on the Unison National Retired Members Committee should be reporting what is happening but not a word has been heard. How many other Regions suffer the same fate? We do not have a directly elected member to represent us on the Unison National Executive Council (NEC) yet.

Conference therefore instructs the Unison National Retired Members Committee and calls on the National Executive Council to:

1)urgently improve communications about campaigns concerning retired members in order to co-ordinate action in all Regions and Branches acknowledging that not all retired members are able to have technology;

2. report progress on a regular basis in Unison publications and at all the Unison National Retired Members Committee meetings for onward circulation to Regions and Branches;

3. report back to the 2024 Unison National Retired Members Conference progress made in improving campaign communication