Dave Prentis addresses NDC. Photo: Steve Forrest / Workers' Photos

General secretary’s blog

Dave Prentis is UNISON’s general secretary – the highest elected post in the union. He speaks up for UNISON members, campaigns for public services and leads the union.

Read Dave’s blog for views on issues UNISON is working on and information on what he’s doing.

Blog: Brexit negotiations need clarity, honesty and openness

No-one voted to leave the EU to weaken their rights at work. Few want to tear apart the families of those who have made their lives here. And everyone would, I hope, want to see a thriving British economy with well-funded public services in the years ahead.

Blog: Cash-strapped schools are struggling to give children a decent education

Only last month I wrote here about the problems facing school funding – and the need for the funding formula to resolve it in a way that’s fair to communities across the country. I said: “The answer to the financial problems schools face is not to shift pots of money about – robbing Peter to […]


Blog: The fight for our rights that lies ahead

In the long run, employees in the UK could find themselves with less control over their working lives than their EU counterparts. And British rights could go from being enshrined in EU law, to being abolished at the whim of a Secretary of State through “statutory instruments”. That would see working people losing control, rather than taking it.

Blog: Recognition for a champion of our NHS

I’m proud that Gail has been honoured with an OBE, and not just because I know how hard she works for UNISON members. I’m proud too because at time when our health service is under so much pressure, those who work behind the scenes to help our health service function deserve all the praise they can get.

Blog: Together, in UNISON, we can make a difference in 2017

Aside from rarely kept resolutions, the new year is an opportunity to reconsider our priorities, plans and aims for the year ahead – both personally and professionally – and think about the state of our communities, our country and our public services.

If you’re working this Christmas – thank you

Whatever you’re doing this Christmas, have a happy one and a safe one. If you’re working this Christmas – thank you. And if not, I hope you get the rest you’ve all earned from a long year of supporting your communities at these difficult times.
Merry Christmas everyone and see you in 2017.

Blog: A message of solidarity to the German people

Our thoughts today and throughout this Christmas period are with those who have lost loved ones, the injured and those – including Ver.di members – who will work to treat the injured and support grieving families and communities in the days and weeks ahead.

Blog: To solve the social care crisis you need to provide the funds

The government should be using the growing surplus of centrally-collected business rates to ease the pressure on councils, not encouraging them to shift the care burden onto hard pressed local taxpayers and create an unfair postcode lottery of care.

Blog: A great example of what our union – and one person within it – can achieve

Resource centres like this one are invaluable to the work of local branches and activists, and provide a visible representation of the work that we do standing up for UNISON members. By making the branch and the union more visible in the workplace and the wider West Norfolk region, more members will be supported, as we strive to deliver more for everyone within UNISON at these most difficult of times.

Blog: Solidarity with Turkey on Human Rights Day

Whilst many decision makers appear to be turning their backs on the situation in Turkey, it is vital that we stand in solidarity with trade unionists who continue to bravely speak out against a crackdown by an increasingly authoritarian government.

Blog: West Sussex schools are running out of money – it’s time to fund our schools properly

Since Theresa May became Prime Minister in July, the Conservative Party has spent time and money on educational hobby horses like grammar schools – £200m funding in the Autumn Statement – while under their noses, and on their watch, there are real problems with school funding that aren’t being addressed.

Blog: If Macquarie deal becomes the norm in Brexit Britain, we’ll all suffer

Ministers may like to talk about industrial strategy, yet they don’t seem to have much desire to retain key parts of the nation’s infrastructure in UK hands

Our social care services are facing a daily crisis – the government must fund them properly

As long as social care is so cruelly underfunded, problems will persist and will only be exacerbated by an ageing population. That means real and lasting impacts for the care worker and the cared for.

An important step in the fight to protect Durham teaching assistants

There’s still plenty of work to do in the weeks ahead to make sure teaching assistants don’t lose out – but we’re pleased that Durham council has heard the voices of TAs and parents alike

Celebrating Our Health Heroes

As Britain’s biggest union for health workers – with half a million members in the NHS and other healthcare organisations – we’ll take any opportunity to praise the remarkable people who consistently provide excellence.