A vote for public services?

What do you think of Labour’s manifesto? Will you be voting to protect public services on 12 December? We’d like to hear your views

UNISON has welcomed the pledges to improve our public services and make life better for all who use and work in them, contained in the Labour Party manifesto published this week.

They add up to “a powerful package to rebuild the country and help millions whose lives have been ravaged by nine years of austerity,” says general secretary Dave Prentis.

“It commits to restoring the funding snatched from public services by the Tories’ cold-hearted economic policies and gives dedicated public servants the wage rises they’ve been denied for so long.”

As our general secretary says in his latest blog: “This is a manifesto with UNISON’s priorities at its heart”.

But what do you think?

Read what Dave Prentis has to say about the manifesto

Are you planning to vote for public services? Want to tell us why?

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