Queen’s Speech: A failure to tackle the real problems Britain faces

Today we saw another Queen’s Speech from this government – and yet another set of plans that don’t tackle the real problems Britain faces.

What we have instead is a Conservative Party at war with itself, already out of ideas little over a year on from election day and a Prime Minister so afraid of his own shadow that he’s abandoned any semblance of a serious legislative agenda.

The government is seeking to sell today’s plans as a wide-ranging set of social reforms, but what the proposals lack is a real plan to rebuild Britain in the wake of unprecedented cuts to public spending.

All too much of today’s Speech looks like it’s been cut and pasted from previous years – from laughable references to the Northern Powerhouse to plans for a so-called seven day NHS, yet without any plans on how this is to be paid for.

Meanwhile the government is dogmatically encouraging the creation of private universities that no-one has asked for, which is yet another example of ministers’ pursuit of profit before excellence in our public services.

And all of this comes whilst the government commits to waste billions more on a replacement for Trident that will never be used, while the NHS, education, local government and the police are cut over and over again.