Christina McAnea

Blog: No surprise at a Queen’s Speech that delivered nothing

The Tories in Westminster didn’t focus on what needs to be done to tackle the cost of living crisis, but on ‘the wrong things and the wrong time’

Levelling up won’t mean anything without decent public services

Much-needed reforms missing from parliamentary agenda

Radical reform not empty words needed on social care

Plan to fix care is needed right now

Don’t be fooled by the Conservatives’ festive promises for the NHS

Loosening the stranglehold on funding shouldn’t be mistaken for generosity

Queen’s Speech – public services will need ‘substantial investment’ to recover

Now isn’t the time for game playing or cheap political stunts

Queen’s Speech: A failure to tackle the real problems Britain faces

A Conservative Party at war with itself, already out of ideas little over a year on from election day and a Prime Minister so afraid of his own shadow that he’s abandoned any semblance of a serious legislative agenda.