These cuts are going to start costing lives sooner than you think...


Staff nurse


It's cuts for the poor, tax cuts for the rich

Dave Prentis, general secretary

A million voices for change

Public services are the foundation of a fair and civilised society. It is essential that we protect them so they can meet the needs of the future.

A Living Wage

The idea behind a living wage is very simple; that a person should be paid enough to live decently and to adequately provide for their family

Worth it

We know that many of our members are lying awake at night worrying about their job or how to make ends meet while their pay is frozen but prices soar

Campaigns in your workplace

UNISON campaigns on many issues across a wide variety of workplaces. Click the links below to read more about key issues in:

Local government

Health care

Education services

Police and justice staff


Water, environment and transport


Staff are well aware of the devastating effects of these cuts to pay, jobs and the service provided to the public...

Did you know?

This year, Barclays' bonuses for top bankers alone were  £38.5 million

= 1,800 nurses

= 9,625 pain relieving hip operations

= 600 potentially-life saving neuroblastoma treatments for children with cancer

= 3,000 home care workers to help the elderly remain in their own homes