Your first time at conference?

If you are going to be a new delegate to the national delegate conference this June, here is a brief guide to some of what to expect

How the political fund aids our work

The autumn ballot on the UNISON political fund is of vital importance for the campaigning work that the union carries out around the UK

Zeroing in on zero-hours contracts

Concern at the rise in use of zero-hours contracts sees a range of motions to conference on tackling the issue

Countdown to NDC: UNISON in action

UNISON activists from across the country gather in Brighton in mid-June to debate a full agenda at the union’s national delegate conference (NDC)

UNISON condemns ‘shocking and horrific’ murder of soldier Lee Rigby

Conference agrees to organise high-profile anti-racist campaign in wake of brutal murder

Conference slates Iain Duncan Smith over attack on welfare

Delegates condemn attack on welfare and pledge to fight back

Delegates back action on pay

‘We want to start fighting back and putting money into our members’ pockets’

Living wage campaign to be stepped up

UNISON conference vows up step up campaign and calls on TUC to take it up across all regions

Solidarity with Rochdale strikers

Conference gives unanimous backing to Future Directions workers striking to defeat massive pay cuts and attacks on terms and conditions

Bhopal survivors welcomed to UNISON’s national delegate conference

Bhopal campaigners Safreen Khan and Satinath Sarangi visited UNISON conference today and will address a fringe meeting tomorrow lunchtime

Rule changes

UNISON’s national delegate conference agrees a number of rule changes in a busy debate

Multinationals fuel persecution of Colombian trade unionists

UNISON ups the ante in its support for the ‘courageous’ Colombians, as well as the Palestinians living under apartheid

Delegates hear of ‘bill mill’ privatising US public services

Businesses and legislators apply ‘yellow pages’ approach to shadowy agenda – if a private company offers a public service, privatise the public service

Delegates back solidarity with Nicaragua

UNISON’s national delegate conference backs raft of motions on international work

Flash mob takes over UNISON conference

UNISON’s national delegate conference sees flash mob burst in to spread ‘no more page 3’ campaign