Library Stock of Interest to Transgender People

Conference understands that, although books and other written materials of interest to transgender people do get published, their print runs are often limited, they go out of print quickly, and they are not widely advertised around the library and bookseller world. In addition Conference believes that although films, videos and DVDs of interest do exist, […]

Participation and Confidentiality

Conference notes that participation and confidentiality in relation to attendance at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Conference is paramount. Conference is therefore dismayed by the decision to add the Police Staff Service Group Seminar and Conference onto the ‘back’ of our Conference. This decision raises serious concerns of confidentiality in that there is […]

Conference Attendance and Accountability

Conference notes with increasing concern that Conference business is liable to fall from the agenda if delegates are not on the Conference floor at the appropriate time. Conference should recognise that the funding of attendance is from national, regional and branch level and as such delegates have a responsibility to their branch/region to ensure that […]

Training on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) issues within the Public Sector

Conference notes that Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) recognition within family friendly policies is sketchy despite the Sexual Orientation Regulations 2003. Anecdotal evidence strongly suggests that line managers knowledge and interpretation of these policies is often lacking and open to misinterpretation. Conference instructs the National LGBT Committee to: 1.Work in conjunction with the service […]

The Ongoing Campaign Around Blood, Organ and Bone Marrow Donation

Conference notes that Resolution 92, passed at the UNISON National Delegate Conference 2006, called for a review of research that currently means the National Blood Service bans Gay or Bisexual men from donating blood. Conference further notes that the resolution also asks that UNISON has effective input into any National Blood Service review of the […]

Operational Staff Groups

Conference notes that a number of public sector employers are engaged in a process of setting up staff groups, from workers who self-identify within equality and diversity strands. Examples are groups for women, for black and minority workers, for disabled workers and for LGBT workers. These groups can inform and advise the employer on matters […]

Promoting Branch Self-Organisation

Conference notes with some concern that many UNISON branches in the UK do not appear to have an active Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender self organised group (LGBT SOG). Conference believes that branch-level LGBT SOGs are a key way to ensure visibility of the diverse LGBT agenda within branches, and that they serve as a […]

Standing Order 4 – Limit of Speeches

Delete Standing Order 4.1 and insert new Standing Order 4.1: ‘The mover of a motion or an amendment shall not be allowed to speak for more than five minutes and each succeeding speaker for not more than three minutes, except where the Standing Orders Committee have decided otherwise.’

Standing Order 9 – Reference of Outstanding Items

Delete Standing Order 9.1 and insert new Standing Order 9.1: ‘If, at the end of the Conference, the Final Agenda has not been concluded, outstanding motions and amendments shall be referred to the National Retired Members Committee which shall report to members its decisions on those matters. All such motions and amendments shall be responded […]


Conference congratulates those Public Transport Authorities who have joined together in partnership to provide free bus travel to those over 60 across and throughout their neighbouring boundaries. However, Conference deplores the fact that some authorities have less favourable schemes and continue to charge those over 60 the former concessionary fares for certain stages of a […]


Conference notes that: 1)each winter more than 25,000 older people die from cold-related illnesses; 2)in the last five years more than 130,000 people over 65 have died as a result of the cold; 3)EU countries that experience more severe winters than the UK, such as Finland, Denmark and Austria all have much lower levels of […]

The National Pensioners Convention

Conference regrets that: 1)Lord Turner and the Pensions Commission have made no recommendations to improve the basic state pension until 2010: 2)the Government White Paper has no plans to increase immediately the basic state pension which represents at least half of many pensioners’ weekly income. Conference believes that improving the basic state pension and paying […]


Conference notes that over recent years many older people have been facing large increases in their Council Tax bills. However, up to two million pensioners are missing out on Council Tax Benefit which could cut their bill by £540 a year. Council Tax Benefit is the most unclaimed benefit of all – with pensioners losing […]


Conference welcomes the introduction of Age Regulations which will outlaw age discrimination in employment and training from October 2006. Although it may be possible to outlaw age discrimination in the work place, changing the culture of ageism will be much harder. Older people continue to have to accept differences in treatment on the grounds of […]


Age limits imposed by insurance firms are varied and outdated in respect of travel, medical, life and car insurances. It is clear discrimination against older people. Conference calls on the National Executive Council to make representation through the appropriate channels to remedy this unfair state of discrimination.