Five ways to support our NHS strikers

Want to support our ambulance workers? Below are five ways you can show your solidarity with UNISON members on picket lines this Wednesday

UNISON Ambulance workers on a picket line, 21st December 2022

A second strike in the ongoing NHS pay dispute takes place on Wednesday this week and UNISON members working in the ambulance service in five regions will be walking out.

But before getting into how you can show your support, it’s important to note that there are strict legal provisions and a statutory code of practice around who can picket and how pickets are run.

It’s important to make sure legal requirements and patient safety are maintained, and UNISON regional offices will be working with striking branches to manage invitations and arrangements for visitors to their pickets.

So please don’t go to picket lines unless invited by striking branches.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t still support the strikers, here are five ways.

   1. Send your solidarity

Fill in the form on the webpage below to send your messages support and solidarity to striking workers.

Send your solidarity

You can also make your support known on local or national radio phone-in shows.

   2. #PutNHSPayRight

Get on social media channels, get active and get the message out!

Follow #PutNHSPayRight on twitter, get involved on Facebook, retweet and repost striking branches as well as UNISON’s national and regional accounts.

You can also share the new videos recapping the last strike on Facebook and Twitter:

Share the video on Facebook

Make sure to use UNISON’s graphics to show your support as well.

Download the graphics

   3. Write to your MP

This is an issue that the government can fix, if it chooses to. Write to your MP using our template letter to tell them to support the campaign and put pressure on the government to put NHS pay right and fix our NHS.

Write to your MP

   4. Honk those horns

While you may not be able to join the official pickets, if you happen to be walking or driving past as part of your day, you can still show your support, honk your horns or give them a cheer, we’re sure they’ll appreciate it.

   5. Keep up to date

Make sure to follow our live feed on Wednesday. We’ll be posting updates from all over the country all day so you can follow along – you’ll find the rolling feed on the front-page of the UNISON website.

You can also read Christina McAnea’s most recent blog:

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