UNISON on Lord Carter’s report into productivity in the NHS

Commenting on Lord Carter’s report on operational productivity, UNISON head of health Sara Gorton said:

“The harsh reality of working in understaffed teams with limited resources has had a terrible impact on staff well-being. Increased stress levels, a rise in sickness absence and high staff turnover have all been the result.

“It’s simply impossible for staff to deliver compassionate care when they are working in an environment of fear and blame. A positive workplace culture can make the world of difference to staff.

“It’s crucial this work is taken seriously. A happy and engaged workforce is good for patients and for the wider NHS.

“But Lord Carter has got it badly wrong in his praise of competition. Ministers are already considering a move away from the disastrous Health and Social Care Act, which has fragmented the NHS and tied services up in needless procurement red tape.”

Notes to editors:

The Social Partnership Forum has developed case studies showing the impact of a positive workplace culture.