Evidence submitted to NHS pay review body

UNISON puts the case for fair pay for the 2017/18 pay round


UNISON has called for a decent pay rise worth at least £1 an hour for all NHS workers.

Highlights of the union’s evidence to the body for the 2017-18 pay round, include:

  • a return to UK-wide pay scales, including bringing pay scales across the country up to the levels of Scotland, as a minimum
  • restructuring bands 1-3, delivering the real living wage and maintaining pay differentials between bands (the NHS in Scotland has abolished band 1, making band 2 the lowest pay rate);
  • calling for “a fair pay award for all staff to reflect cost of living increases”;
  • an additional increase for the lowest paid to bring the pay rise to £1 an hour that if the steps above don’t add up to that.

UNISON’s evidence also called for a clear commitment that the value of Agenda for Change will be increased, so that a minimum pay rate of £10 an hour is achievable.

The union also called for a clear statement that apprentices’ pay is covered by Agenda for Change.


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