Academy members vote for industrial action

UNISON members in academy schools who were balloted and are subject to national joint council (NJC) pay awards, have voted yes to strike action in a dispute over pay.

The result of the main academies strike ballot is as follows:

  • Yes: 68.6% (5,153)   
  • No: 31.4% (2,364)

The number of votes cast was 7,525.

Members and relevant employers have been written to with details of the results.

The related national multi-academy chain ballots returned similar yes percentages and lead officers will update relevant branches and negotiating structures on the details. 

UNISON’s NJC committee will now be seeking authorisation from the industrial action committee to include academy members in the current planned local government industrial action on 14 October. 


NJC Academies Pay Ballot

Local Government Pay

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