UNISON wins Ipswich car parking victory

UNISON in Ipswich has won a victory at Ipswich Hospital, where the combined board has now announced that it will “defer any changes to current [car parking] rates for the next 12 months”.

Proposals had been made for increased charges

Members organised a UNISON petition and also completed an online survey

Eastern regional organiser Yvonne Cleary described the issue of hospital car parking as one of “public interest”, with rammifications for both service users and staff, adding that members “can and do make a difference!”

A report in early September had suggested an impression that “the staff do not believe the increase to be too much,” but the survey that UNISON conducted found that 98.4% did not believe that staff parking charges should not be increased.

While most of those responding were full-time employees, a significant proportion (45%) worked part-time and 41% regularly worked shifts, making it difficult to use public transport to get to work.

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