Academy schools

UNISON wants to see an integrated comprehensive education system.

However, in recent years the government has been undermining schools linked to local authorities and focused on getting schools to convert to becoming academies. Several thousand former maintained schools have now become academies, including the majority of secondary schools.

After a strong campaign by UNISON and other unions the government, under a new Prime Minister, backed down.

Now the government has changed its focus so that ‘failing’ or ‘coasting’ schools are the schools targeted to become academies. Nonetheless, whilst opposing the forced academy programme we are totally committed to organising and recruiting school support staff in schools that have become academies. 

Some UNISON branches working with other unions and local communities will be able to campaign against academy conversions and resources and materials to aid this can be found here.

However, we are also aware that in other areas schools will continue to become academies and it is important that we are able to support members in these schools. Materials and resources for branches to organise and support members in academy schools are listed below.

We will continue to make new resources available for organising in academy schools.


Academy schools