UNISON responds angrily to government attacks on NHS Wales

UNISON Cymru/Wales has responded angrily to reports that 10 senior NHS England managers shared a £300,000 pay rise without changing jobs as a result of the NHS England reorganisation.

The reported pay rises are in addition to the thousands of NHS England managers who received redundancy pay outs during the reorganisation, only to then return to work within NHS organisations.

UNISON Cymru/Wales head of health Dawn Bowden said: “I am disgusted that the prime minister continues to attack the NHS in Wales, yet he has freely allowed millions of pounds worth of tax payers’ money to be handed out in unnecessary and unfair redundancy payments and pay rises for top earners.

“The NHS workforce in Wales is currently being asked to accept changes to their terms and conditions because the pressures on the Welsh government’s budget.

“Add to this the pathetic pay offer made to the NHS workforce at a UK level, and you can completely understand why so many people can’t wait to see the back of this government.

“The amounts that have been paid out as a part of the coalition’s damaging and unnecessary reorganisation, could have gone towards closing the funding gap across the NHS, or towards paying workers a decent wage.”

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